4 thoughts on “GUILTY – of murder in the first degree – Abortion doctor Gosnell

  1. He was offering women a service that you narrowminded, fetus-bigots would have them banned from. The more you ban abortion clinics the more people like him will make a lot of money. You Glenn and Susan are peddlars of misery and death. Of women. But you dont care about women, only fetuses.

    • You have no problem then with a “doctor” severing the spinal cords of babies who survived his brutal attempt to kill them in the womb? Do you consider Gosnell a murderer? If not, how would you describe him, and the “service” he offered.

    • Just what is a “fetus-bigot”? The term really makes no sense.

      This guy was a legal abortionist, so if we ban abortion clinics, there will be more like him? You really aren’t making any sense.

      And just how am I peddling misery and death? It seems to me that the pro-abortionists are the ones doing that.

      And the fact that I care more about women that you do is why I abhor abortion and the damage it does to women, let alone all the girl babies who never get to become women.

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