Good reasons to oppose Mosque building/extensions

A Pastor publicly opposes the building of a mosque in his town.


Disturbing information about the Holy Land Foundation case. This was the largest Islamic charity in the USA.

5 thoughts on “Good reasons to oppose Mosque building/extensions

  1. Yes, choose examples from red-neck, bigoted America. What about if people near you objected to a christian church being built for reasons they think are just as valid? I would prefer to live beside a muslim family than a radical evangelistic christian bunch of narrow-minded wowsers like yourselves.

    • Philip and Mason, you may prefer to live beside a Muslim family, but we don’t think they would be too happy living next door to you because our understanding is that Islam is somewhat intolerant of homosexuality (correct us if we are wrong.)

  2. Muslims accept people for who they are, Evangelistic wowsers like you condemn people for who they are. Big difference. We dont rub peoples faces in our sexuality like you do with your so-called christianity. We have muslim neighbours and they are good people. So consider yourself corrected.

    • Of the seven countries that impose the death penalty for homosexuality, all are Muslim. In September, 2011, in Iran, three men were executed specifically for homosexuality. See article in The Economist, entitled, “Straight but Narrow,” February 4th, 2012.

    • P&M,
      Muslims who follow their religious book do NOT accept people for who they are. Islam spread by the sword, and to this very day Christians are killed in Muslim countries just because they are Christian. In many Islamic countries, if you convert to Christianity from Islam you will be executed.

      The majority of the world’s Muslims are secular Muslims – the are Muslim with no idea of the theology and, if in Muslim countries, are Muslim to avoid death. However, a primary tenet of the Muslim faith is to lie about your faith until you are in a position of strength. So you don’t know if your next door neighbors are secular Muslims who don’t care about the faith and know little about it, or if they are true Muslims lying about their beliefs.

      Christians do not “rub” anyone’s sexuality in their faces. It is the homosexuals who rub their sexuality in OUR faces and we have to fight against it.

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