A handful of kittens

On Tuesday of last week, our cat was killed on the road in front of our house. She had just given birth to five kittens five days previously. We were very upset and distressed by her death and we looked at her precious kittens and wondered how we were going to cope with the effort required in looking after them, especially as we also have two dogs and two rabbits and cattle.

Recently, three calves were born and they were all poorly and two have since died. The other calf is thriving but still requires care.
We have been caring for the kittens since their mother died and it is exhausting and time-consuming as they require bottle feeding during the day and night, but they are delightful little creatures and they need us.

However, because of the pressures upon us, you will understand that we cannot post articles as often as in times past, but we will add articles to our blog as often as possible, hoping that life will soon be a little less stressful.

3 thoughts on “A handful of kittens

  1. Responsible pet owners who are not registered breeders have their female cats spayed so that unwanted litters are not born and so suffer like these poor specimens are doing now. Why did you not have that poor cat spayed? why was she having kittens in the first place? are you a registered breeder of pedigree cats? no, I bet you are not, I bet you are one of those careless rural people who get a cat for whatever stupid reason and let it roam at will, fall pregnant and breed litters of kittens that are hard to find homes for. We have owned cats in the past even we know that female cats must be spayed before the age of 12 weeks. Call the local cat protection society and hand the poor little things over to them. People like you should be banned from owing a cat at all. It is not like this is new information. Shame on you Mr and Mrs White!!!

  2. PhillipandMason, there is a time and place for your comments, and now is not that time. How cruel can you be to someone who is grieving the loss of a beloved pet.

    I am so sorry for your loss. As a cat owner, I know the sorrow caused by such a death. I hope you find comfort in caring for the kittens. I would beg you to consider having them spayed or neutered as soon as you can, and keep them inside away from the dangers.

  3. Tell Phillip and Mason they need to learn some manners. I’m sorry you lost your mama cat, that’s sad but she leaves behind some precious babies that you will enjoy immensely. They will provide laughs, snuggles and sweet smiles by the bushel. And I’m sorry about the calves. Seems it’s been a difficult spring. Hopefully the summer will be brighter…….and filled with kitten antics!

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