Who is the bully here – the teacher or Islam?

A teacher in the small town of Concrete in the USA, has been called a bully and a racist by the Council on American – Islamic Relations (CAIR.)

How did the teacher offend Muslim sensibilities? She (accurately) referred to Hamas and the Taliban as examples of organisations that use violence to “bully people.”
The internet news site, WND (World Net Daily,) said of CAIR,  “The Justice Department tied CAIR to its terror-finance case against Richardson, Texas-based Holy Land Foundation which was funnelling more than $12 million to Hamas.”

Read more of the teacher’s plight at  http://blog.faithandfreedom.us/2013/03/muslims-accuse-wa-state-teacher-of.html#.UYk3fL5wbIU

Then click on the following link to a video about a young Muslim girl who was attacked by her brother who was armed with an axe as he attempted to murder his sister for “dishonouring” her family. He murdered the young man with whom she fled to a place in which she thought she would find safety.

This is Islam and it is terrifying! Watch this video and weep, and then, wake up!



3 thoughts on “Who is the bully here – the teacher or Islam?

  1. And, of course, Christians never bully people by forcing everyone – even people of other religions – to obey their rules and regulations. Not that I support Islam (just the opposite), but bullying is a trait of all religions.

  2. Yuri,
    Those following the teachings of Islam will kill those who are not Muslim. Is muslim controlled countries you will be executed for converting to Christianity. While there have been so-called Christians in the past who behaved in manners against biblical teachings, those who truly follow Christ will never force anyone to follow their rules.

    I wan to know how the charge can be “racism” when Islam is a religion and not a race. And the fat that she identified two terrorist organizations within Islam rather that criticizing Islam in total, also makes me wonder how any offense could be taken. Of course with CAIR and their association with terrorist groups, they prefer to silence the truth about their activities. Talk about a travesty!

  3. Catholic fetus-obsessed ireland imprisoning rape victims for 14 years for aborting rape sperm. That makes me sick more than anything. That makes me weep for those poor trapped women. I see no christianity expressed on this site, only hate speak and it works. And why do you write everything with exclamation marks?

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