Clarification on “Heather has two cigarettes,” video

We wish to make it clear that the above-mentioned video does not endorse or promote smoking, and no child smoked nor was encouraged to do so, and neither do we, as we do not smoke and view it as a dangerous addiction/habit.

The video was drawing attention to the fact that Governments and medical authorities warn of the dangers of smoking and positively discourage it.

However, those same authorities do not warn children (and society,) of the dangers of homosexual sexual activity, on the contrary, they encourage/enforce public acceptance of it and promote that lifestyle as “normal.”

In the video, cigarettes were handed out, in much the same way as condoms are handed out, with the intention of teaching children that sexual activity is normal and safe (as long as they use a condom,) however, the difference between the video and reality is, condoms ARE handed out . If cigarettes were handed out, the public outcry would be deafening.

Where is the public outrage against those who would hand out condoms to innocent children (or anyone else for that matter?)

5 thoughts on “Clarification on “Heather has two cigarettes,” video

  1. Anyone who claims this video endorsed or promoted smoking is being intentionally stupid. The parody is plain to understand by anyone with even a modicum of intelligence. Those who pretend they don’t understand the message are only trying to provoke a red herring argument.

    • Glenn, if it requires a modicum of intelligence to work out that there was any actual parody and you got it spectacularly wrong then I it probably explains much else about your postings.

      Your rather ham-fisted attempt to silence dissent by calling into question other peoples intelligence simply shows you up for what you are – a bully. An ineffective one admittedly but one none the less.

      • Oh, by stating the truth I now become a bully? I don’t think you know the meaning of the word “bully” – you keep using it inappropriately. It certainly shouldn’t take a genius to recognize the parody. But then, you have to not be blinded by YOUR own agenda.

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