“Heather has two cigarettes” – see this video while you can!

This video has been removed by Youtube who described it as “hate” speech!  See it while you can, it “packs” a powerful punch!


30 thoughts on ““Heather has two cigarettes” – see this video while you can!

  1. ………. This is just another example of homophobia, by trying to compare homosexuality, which harms no one, with smoking, which kills. But what else can be expected of christians?

    • You might expect them to try and create an intelligent comparison but that seems to be beyond them. Their problem is that they view homosexuality as bad therefore they equate it with anything else that is bad. All this does is make them look stupid to the majority of people who know that homosexuality is not bad.

      They simply cannot see past their own prejudice and hatred.

      It is even worse when they encourage children to smoke (even play smoking) to try and make their deluded point. They will abuse anyone including children to promote their hatred.

      • golfieni, the majority of people know that homosexual practice is very bad, physically, morally and spiritually. The makers of the video are protecting children from the lies of the gay lobby. It is sex education lessons in schools, which are nothing other than lessons in depravity, that abuses children, by robbing them of their innocence. Indeed, it could be said that vile sex education lessons in schools is State-sponsored child abuse on a massive scale.

      • “Indeed, it could be said that vile sex education lessons in schools is State-sponsored child abuse on a massive scale”

        It could be – but you would have to have a pretty warped sense of values to say it.

      • Mrs White, can you supply the evidence that “the majority of people know that homosexual practice is very bad, physically, morally and spiritually” or did you just make that up?

        Do you not see the hypocrisy of complaining about sex education being abusive and then applauding people who give lessons about smoking to kids ?

        • golfieni, We do not smoke, and the people who made the video were not giving lessons on smoking to children. Surely you see the point they were making i.e smoking can kill, and the US government (and other governments) are spending money on campaigns to warn of the dangers of cigarettes, yet, they do not warn children about the dangers of sexual immorality (which includes homosexual behaviour.) Instead, they actually promote sexual anarchy through sex education and handing out condoms.

      • Homosexuality is not immoral (it may be to you but that it something you choose to believe). It is not immoral to me.

        Now can you please post the evidence for your assertion that “the majority of people know that homosexual practice is very bad, physically, morally and spiritually”. Many (you need to prove it is a majority) may believe some things along those lines but it does not make it true. It is quite possible to “know” things which are completely wrong.

        • golfieni, we will not be posting any evidence, which you will then dismiss as “junk” science or the ramblings of “hate” groups. You have had all the evidence you require, and Glenn has posted more for you to read today. You are spiritually dead, deaf and blind, with a heart as hard as stone.

      • Smoking can kill – yep we all get that so getting children to play act with cigarettes is foolish at best and abusive at worst. Homosexual behaviour is not harmful (homophobic abuse is harmful).

        In response to your comment about there being no such thing as safe sex. This is true whether the people are gay or straight (all human activity attracts some risk) but as far as sex is concerned (and HIV in particular) there are options which negate the possibility of transfer of the virus and lesbians have the safest sex of all.

      • It is not just me who dismisses what Glenn posts as ” as “junk” science or the ramblings of “hate” groups” it is the respectable scientific community, people who understand statistics and in many cases the authors of the research themselves. The reports he links to have no credibility whatsoever.

        What Glen posts is not evidence no matter how loudly you proclaim it to be, it is fabrication, manipulation and a complete disregard for truth or reality.

        I fail to see how you can justify your assertions if you will not post your evidence for public scrutiny – are you scared (or do you already know) that it is junk science and fabrication which will expose you as a willing peddler of nonsense and willingingly complicit in maligning whole groups of people on little more than your prejudice simply to support your religious beliefs…

      • Glenn –

        That does not even make sense. What you quote is baseless and so cannot expose anything.

        The people who did the research and who state that your interpretations of their work is nonsense are not part of the homosexual agenda as you put it. The people who are part of the scientific community and whose role it is to peer review the research and the conclusions drawn from from it and say that your interpretations are nonsense are not part of the gay agenda. On top of that the so called research carried out or funded by hate groups and those you quote does not pass any sane test of academic rigour and is junk science at best. I suspect you know all this but your agenda does not let you admit it publicly.

        • Golfieni,
          You have deceived yourself and are living a lie of perversion, and are trying to justify the unjustifiable. You deny all factual evidence that homosexual behavior is hazardous to health in many ways, and you deny that it is spiritually dangerous. You will be faced with the truth someday and will be unable to deny it.

      • Mrs White,

        “You are spiritually dead, deaf and blind, with a heart as hard as stone”

        You have no idea what my spirituality is like as I have expressed no comment on it on this blog. As for your comment on my heart all I can say is that at least I have one.

  2. Homosexuals lose 8 to 20 years of their life due to their ‘behavior’? what a load of bigoted rubbish. My mother has known a gay male couple since 1953, they have been a couple since 1951. They are both now in their 80’s. One has dementia and the other cares for him himself, at home and with the help of community nurses. He refuses to place his partner in a home. My mother visits them and hates the way people like you, Susan and France, talk because you seem to be confused about how humans couple and commit. The relationship these two men share is one based on love, respect and commitment and has outlived those of many of their heterosexual friends who have ended up in divorce courts and are onto their second and third marriages. If you, Mr and Mrs White, see ‘real’ marriage as that which allows men and women to couple and break up only to couple and marry again and again then you must have a poor opinion of marriage in general. My mother has said she has never seen a couple so devoted to each other. These men are in their 80’s, how many people live to over 100 anyway if they have wasted 20 years of their lives? their behaviour sets a good example to many hetero people I know who shove their parents and spouses into care as soon as they don’t want to be bothered with them. Oh boy are you wrong!

  3. Hermoine,

    I am really sick and tired of hearing the nonsensical word “homophobia..” The term means fear of sameness and I don’t know anyone who is afraid of that, let alone afraid of homosexuals.

    Now, as to the video, it is 100% accurate. All the details given about harm from homosexuality is 100% correct. Smoking kills? Not always – aside from my own maternal grandparents, I know many elderly people who smoked their whole lives – and still do! Now, tell me that homosexuals who died of AIDS weren’t killed by homosexual behavior.

    What can be expected of Christians? To tell the truth – which this video does. Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.

    • Glenn,

      If you are so sick and tired of hearing a word which you have created your own definition of (because the real accepted meaning of the word paints a picture of you which is too close for comfort) why do you invest so much of your time exhibiting all the characteristics of the word ?.

      btw all the homosexuals alive today have not been killed by homosexual behaviour. Most homosexuals live their lives to the full and ensure they are not at risk of being exposed to the virus. You cannot have safe smoking like you can have safe sex so the analogy is ludicrous.

      What can be expected of christians ? – when one pops along to this blog maybe they will tell us.

      • Golfieni,
        I didn’t create the definition of the word – I demonstrated the etymology.

        And just when do I demonstrate fear of homosexuals? When do I demonstrate hate of homosexuals? Oh, you mean if I tell the truth about homosexuality it is hate and fear?!? How illogical. But truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.

        You can have as much safe smoking as you can have safe homosexual sex. The analogy is right on target. You are in denial and fear the truth.

      • I would describe them as murder and robbery – what else would I describe them as ?.

        Sin is a religious concept.and only has relevance to those who choose to be bound by it.

    • John, we deleted the Youtube link to the video “Heather has two cigarettes,” which you gave, because it is still available via the link we gave on our post, and we prefer to use links other than Youtube unless there is no alternative.

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