South Africa – 2010 murder – case closed in very mysterious circumstances!

On Christmas Day, 2010, a man named Alden Smith was murdered in Pretoria, South Africa. He was a hairdresser by profession. On April 3rd this year, the murder case against an unidentified man was closed under very mysterious circumstances, the accused reportedly left the court a free man.

Shortly before his death, Mr.Smith had taken part in a TV programme called “Carte Blanche,” in which he exposed widespread corruption and extortion practices in the Metropolitan Police in Pretoria and he gave details of being constantly terrorised by the Metro police for not giving into their demands for bribes.

His car had been stolen a month before his death and had just been recovered by police when he was found strangled to death in it. He was found with his shoes missing.

Isn’t it strange that this case has been closed, with no-one convicted of the murder of the courageous Mr.Smith?

Since the ANC came to power, murder has been endemic in South Africa.

Since January this year, 17 white farmers have been murdered, in fact, over 3,000 white farmers have been murdered since the ANC became the governing power.  There are violent elements in the South African Police Service and some people have died in Police custody. Black people also suffer at the hands of some in the S.A.P.S., a tragic example is the recent case of the black man who was cruelly dragged behind a Police vehicle and later died.

However, it appears that the British authorities have no interest in the state of near-genocide (against whites) that exists in South Africa, because we have had no response from the British Foreign Office  and, no response from the British High Commission, despite contacting them and urging action!

3 thoughts on “South Africa – 2010 murder – case closed in very mysterious circumstances!

    • golfieni, we have deleted most of your comment because it made no sense. Our post was about the murder of a male hairdresser in South Africa. By the way, I never said I was from South Africa, I did live there with my family for over a year in the late 60’s, but I was born in Belfast.

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