Another abominable medic in another abortion house of horrors!

Click on  to watch a video of an abortion doctor clearly stating that he would do nothing to help a baby who survived his attempt/desire to kill him/her in the womb.


9 thoughts on “Another abominable medic in another abortion house of horrors!

  1. The woman matters, not the g…. f….. f…. When will you ever learn Mr and Mrs? an unwanted fetus is a DISEASE, a CANCER! LIKE YOU TWO ARE!!!

    • Oh play another record Glenn, that is your stock answer, that pregnancy is a penalty for having the affront to enjoy sexual pleasure. We have noted this time-worn, boring response of yours every time and frankly it is extremely ignorant and typical of straight men (I assume you are?) to hold a woman to account for daring to have a sex life. How common, how narrowminded and what a simple-simon you come across as………………… if not why not? …………… do you deserve to be knocked down by a car for crossing a street? you see pregnancy as being a punishment for naughty women who had sex – that is very, very sick. I remember an old nun using your mindless logic on TV once, ………..

      • How about you pro-aborts try playing a new song. You act as if you don’t know what causes conception. You want to sex with no responsibility. You are nothing but murderers.

        No one is telling anyone to not have a sex life – what we are saying is that if you want to have immoral sexual relations, then take precautions. It doesn’t take any super intellect to do so.

        Pregnancy is not a punishment, regardless of what our stupid President has said. Pregnancy is the result of – THE RESULT OF – sexual intercourse. That is biology 101 and yet you people keep acting like you have no clue how pregnancy occurs. Ever hear of birth control?

        Your arguments have no rationalism. They are emotional ad hominem attacks. Try something intelligent once in a while.

    • Glenn, no fetus has a right to my womb – end of. Abortion corrects something nature had no right doing. I have sex for my own reasons, if a fetus results and I dont want it then it goes. End of. Your reasoning is pathetic, really, and the product of unoriginal thought. Women have sex – deal with it. Women have abortions – deal with it. You will never stop it. Deal with it. ……

      • Maeve,
        Guess what – the word fetus means child. “Nature” has every right to do as it is programmed to do. What, you don’t know what causes pregnancy? You want to have sex – fine. Be as immoral as you like. but use birth control rather than murdering the baby. You are an evil woman.

  2. And who are you Glenn anyway? ‘he whose advice must be obeyed’? my choice whether I use contraception or not, my choice to have sex when and how I want and if I choose to be ‘immoral’ I will be. As if telling anyone what to do works. You think your ‘advice’ matters? to who?? index finger at you Glenn – no fetus has a right to be anywhere it is not wanted. My body my fetus my decision rules. End of.

    • Maeve,
      Who am I? Just someone countering your immoral and murderous claims. Who are YOU? What gives YOU the right to tell people that an unborn child is something to be destroyed at your convenience?! The “fetus” does not belong to you – it is not property. It is human. If you get pregnant, it has to be voluntary by you having sex (context of this conversation is not rape). You continue to LIE claiming a fetus invades and is a disease, etc. You lie to yourself and you lead others into you murderous ideology. You are teaching and believing evil lies.

  3. The root of all evil in society is the male sense of patriarchal entitlement and domination, male violence is the root of all evil. All men are potential rapists, all women are potential killers because they must be ready to defend themselves.

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