The Apostle Paul’s witness – homosexuality – lecture by Prof. Robert Gagnon

Prof. Robert Gagnon is an Associate Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, USA, and, an Elder in a Presbyterian church.

His main field of interest is Pauline theology and sexual issues in the Bible. He believes that the Bible is clear in its condemnation of homosexual relations.

Click on this link to watch a video of a lecture given by Prof. Gagnon,

7 thoughts on “The Apostle Paul’s witness – homosexuality – lecture by Prof. Robert Gagnon

  1. “Judge ye not lest ye be judged…” You’re so fond of quoting your b….. “holy book”, so why the h… don’t you quote that verse for once, f…… bitch

  2. Well said Hermione!

    MrandMrsWhite – Why are you so f…… obsessed with gay people and their private lives you idiot moron bible-bashing couple of fools? everything on this site is either aimed at denouncing liberated women as evil ‘feminists’ or ‘evil’ gay people who you know nothing about? you two straight, married, ………. d…….. probably have so little sex you are driven by jealousy because everyone else is ………..! civil debate? why not civil pride or civil tolerance of everyone your useless god made other than your pathetic selves??? been to church today Susan and Francis?….IT DOES NOT SHOW!!!! what sickening people you are…

    UPDATE!!! we will have dancing male nuns and lesbian priests h…… bibles on our MrandfMrsWhite float in the parade – as our guests of honour YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO ATTEND!

    and we come to your hateful blog because people like you target US so WE target YOU in return.

  3. Oh boy, are we going to post a comment or two on that site about MrandMrsWhite when their free sign-up software is ‘up and running’….strange though that there’s no problem signing up if you want to pay money and subscribe…typical money-grubbing christian terrorists. Thanks for the link Susie and Frankie…we will comment there ad hominem.

  4. The passage where Jesus says to “Judge not lest ye be judged” has a complete context which every liberal and biblically-ignorant person conveniently ignores. He does not say we cannot judge – he tells us to be sure to judge ourselves first so we will be able to see clearly to judge; in other words, the passage is against hypocritical judgement. All through Scripture we are called indeed to judge – teachings, behaviors, etc.

    When Hermoine commented, she was judging as she was condemning judging. Golfieni’s comment was a judgment.

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