Modest clothing – long, loose and layered – and always in vogue!

We believe that modesty in dress and propriety in behaviour is very important and never more so than in today’s “anything goes” world, where immodest, provocative clothing, and over-familiarity between the sexes is the “norm.”

The following short video (What Guys Think About Modesty by C. J. Mahaney) deals with the subject of modesty and, with poignant honesty, describes the effect provocatively dressed women have on men. The preacher is addressing Christians.

However, a return to modesty on the part of women everywhere would raise the moral tone, encourage faithfulness within marriage, and discourage lust in general, so the video has something to say to women everywhere.

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The video begins and ends with contemporary music which we do not like but cannot remove. This is our only criticism of an otherwise excellent message.

3 thoughts on “Modest clothing – long, loose and layered – and always in vogue!

  1. It’s obvious that the problem here is men, not women. To put the blame on women is the sort of misogynistic, repressive action that can only be expected of religion. If you want anyone to blame, blame your god – he created them.

  2. I hope anyone with any common sense does not respond to this deliberately provocative article. You are egging people on here Susan…you are a provocative female. Lust is good – what else attracted you to your husband in the beginning then for petes sake…his money or his haircut?

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