Feminism, a baker’s dozen and a Black Guerilla

Thirteen female (yes thirteen,) State  prison guards have been indicted in Maryland, USA, on charges of corruption. It seems that the prisoners (all men,) virtually ran the prison. The thirteen female “correctional officers,” helped the Black Guerilla Family gang to such an extent that they were able to sell and smuggle drugs.

When he wasn’t otherwise engaged in virtually running the prison, one of the leaders of the BGF fathered children with four of the guards (five children since 2009.)
Somehow, we don’t think that these activities were detailed in the Correctional Officers’ “Job description!”

The head of Maryland’s Prisons, Gary D. Maynard, is obviously ignoring the elephant in the room when he stated that the loss of control of the prison had nothing to do with the fact that the thirteen officers were women and the prisoners were male!

Who or what is responsible for this appalling state of “affairs,” (affairs being the operative word?) We can certainly apportion some blame to Feminism which has forced the powers that be to employ women in occupations which should be male only (don’t forget, these were male prisoners.) Feminism has also promoted and encouraged sexual anarchy, so births out of wedlock, and babies conceived through adultery will surely be the consequences. Unfortunately, feminism will not be on trial along with these women, but it deserves to be in the dock.

Click here to see and read a news report about this prison fiasco


4 thoughts on “Feminism, a baker’s dozen and a Black Guerilla

  1. Wow, I hadn’t heard of this. Can you imagine if the roles were reversed and a women’s prison had male guards who has sexual relations with the prisoners – there would be no end to the uproar.

  2. It’s spelled “guerilla”, and feminism is not to blame for this. Those women must have taken the job for no other reason than to be close to those men – they were probably part of the gang. They are to blame, not feminism.

    • You are correct, the word “guerrilla” was spelt wrongly and I will make the required correction. However, that is the only correction required, the post stands as it is and is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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