“Rainbow” warrior Marie!

Marie Osmond, a member of the famous Osmond family (all members of the LDS  religion i.e Mormon,) has spoken out in support of homosexual “marriage,” despite the fact that her religion teaches that marriage is between males and females only, although Mormonism has taught that polygamy (one man plus several women) was/is necessary for salvation but, at least they got the part about marriage being between opposite genders right!

In fact, some breakaway “fundamentalist” Mormon groups still practice polygamy today and such groups are excommunicated from the “mainstream” Mormon church, even though LDS doctrine still teaches plural marriage i.e polygamy and the necessity of engaging in it, in heaven, if the law of the land forbids the practice on earth.

Now, back to Marie Osmond. In recent years, she has become coarse and even vulgar and doesn’t even look like the Marie Osmond of years gone by, and her physical transformation may have been accomplished by cosmetic surgery, and, if so, she now looks like someone else.

She has been married three times (twice to the same man, her first and present husband,) and has several children, some of whom were adopted. One of her adopted children (a daughter) has declared herself to be a lesbian and this fact may have influenced Marie Osmond to speak out in support of homosexual “marriage.”

Most (perhaps all) of her siblings disagree with her and they continue to support real marriage i.e that which is contracted between a man and a woman. We commend them for their stand.  As for Marie Osmond, she has now declared herself to be an enemy of real marriage.

Click on the following link to see a video of Marie Osmond’s views on homosexual “marriage.”


6 thoughts on ““Rainbow” warrior Marie!

  1. Just goes to show that when one has a false view of God, then they have a false view of His creation. But the god she believes in is NOT the God of the Bible. Which is, of course, why she thinks anyone can “marry” any one or any thing.

  2. So your bible tells you not to judge and yet you are happy to disobey and judge away to your hearts content. Mother shows support and love for her child….and you judge her for that. Shame on you, hateful, nasty people.

    • Maeve,
      Can you show me in the Bible where it says we are not to judge? Only one place does Jesus say to not judge – but the context is don’t judge hypocritically and to judge yourself first before judging the other person. We are continuously told throughout scripture to judge behaviors, to judge teachings, etc. You just judge us. Now, for your name-calling, demonstrate where anyone has been hateful. It is not hate to speak the truth – it only seems like hate to those who hate the truth.

  3. You Glenn are hateful to the extreme. Sad you did not have a mother like Marie, you could have done with one. Hate comes in all forms, you are one of them.

    • Maeve, You are lying big time. I am not hateful. On what basis can you make this claim? Because I disgree with you and your lack of morality? Marie is promoting sexual immorality – what makes that such a wonderful mother?
      THe only hate I see here is YOUR abject hate for morality, for God, and for Christians.

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