When silence is not golden and all that GLSEN’s isn’t gold!

Next Friday, 19th April, the 18th annual “Day of Silence” will be marked in thousands of government schools in America. This annual LGBT propaganda fest supposedly raises awareness of LGBT bullying, harassment and discriThe new link above mination.

The LGBT radical activist group behind these “days of silence,” is the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN.)

Evangelical Christian and pro-family groups encourage parents to respond to these “gay” indoctrination days by keeping their children at home.

A pro-family group called Capitol Resource Institute joined the Day of Silence Walkout Coalition a few years ago and received hate-mail and death threats for so doing.

If anyone is interested in viewing a short video about opposition to the Day of Silence, click on  http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/11976854/video/91731393-louder-than-silence-glsen-day-of-silence

PS  Sorry that the original link we gave did not enable our readers to view above-mentioned video. The link above should work.

8 thoughts on “When silence is not golden and all that GLSEN’s isn’t gold!

  1. In what way are GLSEN a “radical activist group” or are in any way more radical activist than say – you?

    Why is it a “propaganda fest” and why do you say it only supposedly “raises awareness of LGBT bullying, harassment and discrimination” ? Are you saying these do not exist, or, if they do, do not deserve attention. I would have thought bullying, harassment and discrimination of any kind would warrant attention. You yourself are very keen to point them out if they are directed at christians. Do you somehow believe that christians deserve better treatment than LGBT folk.

    Perhaps the silence you wish for is for LGBT people to be silent and their voices not to be heard.

    A bit like why my last comment to Glenn on another thread was not posted – a thread on which you defended your right of free speech. It would seem that in your little world christians have more right to free speech then LGBT people.

    • Kevin Jennings, the founder of GLSEN, is a former member of the radical gay group Act Up and he contributed to a depraved museum exhibit on Act Up at Harvard University in 2009. Act Up stands for Aids Coalition to Unleash Power.

      Tomorrow we will provide a link to a video about GLSEN which shows how disgusting and vile it is, so how odd that Kevin Jennings was President Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” in recent years.

  2. This is just another of those reasons that Christians, let alone any other sane people, should stay out of the government propaganda institutions.

    It’s funny how there was never any concern about bullying in schools until the homosexual lobby wanted to silence people, and then suddenly we had to address bullying in school – except the only bullying they care about is comments or behavior towards homosexuals and their ilk. Then is is brainwash time.

    • Glenn,

      I cannot speak for the US, but here in the UK bullying of all sorts gets taken seriously. Unfortunately here, for a very long time, it was seen as acceptable, even expected that LGBT people were bullied. This was made worse by the banning the mention of LGBT in schools being codified. That time has now past and we now have the data which shows just how widespread LGBT bullying is (not just by students but by teachers and the establishment).

      What is wrong about raising that awareness?

      “…except the only bullying they care about is comments or behavior towards homosexuals and their ilk”

      That actually is a lie – not surprisingly from you – as most of the work is to have LGBT bullying taken seriously and included in the anti bullying policies of schools to combat all forms of bullying in the same way with the same resolve.

      • @ golfieni

        You snipped the quote. from Glenn’s comment,

        “…except the only bullying they care about is comments or behavior towards homosexuals and their ilk”.

        I wish to take issue with what you replied to Glenn.

        “That actually is a lie”

        No it isn’t. Get your facts right.

        The truth is that “comments or behavior towards homosexuals and their ilk” (to use Glenn’s phrase) is the ONLY thing that the GLSEN Day of Silence website home page talks about.

        The name of the organisation gives the game away. It is the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. By its very NAME, GLSEN is therefore peddling a mono-normative (i.e. monosexual-normative) agenda, perpetrating “bisexual erasure”, and asserting the universality of “sexual orientation”, EVEN IN CHILDREN. Its agenda is certainly strongly opposed to the prevailing hetero-normative culture. It is explicitly “a student-led day of action to raise awareness about anti-LGBT bullying, harassment and discrimination” and nothing else.

        If you cannot perceive an agenda other than mere opposition to bullying in GLSEN’s rhetoric, then you must be walking around with your eyes shut, so-to-speak.

        ” – not surprisingly from you – ”

        That is pure ad hominem, addressed to Glenn. Please behave! (Both of you, that is, please.)

        “as most of the work is to have LGBT bullying taken seriously and included in the anti bullying policies of schools to combat all forms of bullying in the same way with the same resolve.”

        ALL (not “most”) of GLSEN’s so-called “work” in this context, is to harp on about the existence of what you are calling LGBT bullying, which is actually more accurately described as anti-LGBT-motivated bullying. This “work” is being used deliberately as a vehicle for opposing hetero-normativity within the consensus culture, starting with a young, vulnerable and impressionable demographic, school children. Arguably worse, GLSEN is promoting mono-normativity, by its very name.

        “LGBT bullying” has no place in the anti bullying policies of schools. There is no such “form of bullying” as “LGBT bullying” in the first place, unless you are referring to the use of an expression millions of teenagers use frequently, when they describe any thing, or any person (of any self-identified “sexual orientation” or none), or any behaviour, or any comment, which they find dislikeable, with the words, “that is well gay”. , It would be an indefensible, oppressive infringement of the right to free speech, for schoolteachers to stigmatise as the *crime* of bullying, the innocent use of such widely-used slang of contemporary youth culture.

        An example of a “form of bullying” is kicking somebody. Or extortion with menaces. Schools should address ALL forms of bullying in their “polices”, REGARDLESS OF MOTIVE, and they ALREADY DO.

        There is a place for sophisticated adults to debate the hetero-normativity undercurrents of popular culture. (There’s a post on my blog addressing exactly this issue, on which I have invited you to comment.) It is inappropriate for what is essentially a pressure group on one side of that potential debate, to seek to infiltrate schools, and, with no debate tolerated, to attempt to demonise the other side of that debate, as “bullies”, in the minds of their children. Shame on you for defending this.

      • Golfieni,
        It is not a lie. If people cared about the normal sort of bullying, then they wouldn’t have waited until a federal law was made to stop GLBT bullying – and which just happened to include other bullying. No laws were needed until the GLBT lobby cried and whined about the bullying their ilk received. Then suddenly laws had to be written.

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