Update on plans for Clongriffin, Dublin, mega – Mosque

Following a phone call to Dublin City Council today, we learned that planning permission for the above is now the subject of an appeal, and the case will be decided by 31.7.13.

We further discovered that objections on religious grounds are not acceptable, as one can only object on “reasonable grounds!”

By “reasonable grounds,” we assume that concerns about noise, and heavy traffic, and a reduction in available parking space, is meant.

However, if the European Network Against Racism get their way, it appears that ANY objection to Mosque building projects will be viewed as a sign of hatred towards Muslims, and Islamophobic!
The ENAR have called on the EU to recognise Islamophobia as a specific form of racism!

Which race do these radical mischief-makers have in mind, we wonder, because it is self-evident that Muslims do not constitute a race of people.


7 thoughts on “Update on plans for Clongriffin, Dublin, mega – Mosque

      • Do we have freedom of speech in the UK, golfie?

        Now, regarding our post about the Dublin mosque, let us apply the concept of “reciprocity.” Does it exist in Saudi Arabia, for example?

        What would happen if Christians attempted to build a Church in Saudi Arabia?

        Would the Muslims respond with an attitude of reciprocity i.e freedom to build goes both ways, a mosque in Dublin and a Church in Saudi Arabia?

        There is NO reciprocity, the West gives and Islam takes (and that sometimes means taking the lives of non-Muslims in Islamic countries.)

        • Golfieni,
          I have been following this blog for several months now and have never seen bigotry. Of course with people like you, if one disagrees with your position it is because they are a bigot. If you label them a bigot, then it marginalizes the argument and you can sluff them off. That is cowardice.

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