5 thoughts on “A Chilling Question posed by Medics with murder in mind – why should the baby live?

  1. Midwives traditionally cared for the woman’s welfare first and foremost, until religion pervaded and stained the conscience of people unable to judge or think for themselves. It’s all about the d… fetus these days and this ideology is killing women like Savita Halapannavar. Shame shame shame on them and people like you Susan.

    • @ Maeve

      Judging by your comment, I really do suspect that you cannot possibly have read the paper that Susan linked to. It isn’t about abortion. It is saying (and I kind of agree), that if abortion is OK, for the reasons many people give, then so is killing healthy newborn babies, after they have been born. It really is saying that!

      I turn the writers’ argument round the other way. I *agree* that killing newborn babies is OK, if the reasons they mention for people thinking that abortion is OK are valid. But killing newborn babies is obviously wrong to me. Therefore, I have to conclude that the reasons that people give for thinking that abortion is OK must be *invalid*.

      @ Susan

      You raise great topics.

      You are warmly invited to post a comment on my blog.

      It was commenting here that gave me the idea for a couple of the three most recent blog posts of my own. I think you owe me a return comment.

      Same invitation to Maeve, Glenn, Golfieni and anybody else reading.

      The three recent blog posts of mine mentioned, two of them inspired whilst I was commenting here, are

      1) The mumbo-jumbo of choice
      2) Lost Brother
      3) ……….

      Come into my parlour, if you dare.

      • John,

        We do not want to give any links to articles or posts with offensive titles, consequently, we deleted the title of post number 3 which you mentioned in your comment. Please understand our opinion in such matters.

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