April Fools – the French revolution against Biblical morality!

On 1st April this year, a new law came into force in France which makes abortion and contraception free.

The Socialist government in that country are fools, April fools. They  care nothing for morality and even less about the Bible, which teaches chastity before marriage, and faithfulness within it.

France will now witness an increase in unlawful (Biblically unlawful,) sexual activity, which will lead to more STD’s, and pregnancies, which will lead to more abortions, as surely as night follows day.

According to the French Minister for Women’s Rights, Najat Vallaud Belkacem, more than a million teenage girls in France are currently taking the contraceptive pill.

Whatever happened to self-control and keeping one’s virginity until marriage?

The age of consent is 15 in France, (is that law ever enforced?) and the French government are providing free and anonymous contraception to 15-18 year olds. So the government is encouraging young teens to deceive their parents? Surely family doctors (many of them) are also complicit in this State – sanctioned deceit and cover-up?

According to reports, there are around 12,000 abortions a year in France. There will soon be a lot more now that abortions are free.

However, for the unborn baby, the abortion is very costly!

8 thoughts on “April Fools – the French revolution against Biblical morality!

  1. A baby isn’t a baby until it’s born. It inhabits a woman’s body and it has no right to be there if she doesn’t want it.
    And no one follows your outdated ideas any more nowadays, anyway.

      • What citation are you seeking, John? If you google the subject matter of our post, you will find lots of links (and proof) of the article (and our accurate reporting of it.)

      • The Whites and people like them must be opposed. And can a baby live independently “from the very beginning”? Obviously not, and if it can’t live on its own it isn’t a person.

        • So then, Hermoine, according to your statement anyone in the hospital on any sort of life support is therefore not a person because they are at that time unable to live on their own.

          It is people like you, who are wanting to murder children, who should be opposed.

    • @ The Whites

      I was asking Hermione for a “citation”. It was just a brusque way of asking Hermione where she got the idea from, that a baby isn’t a baby until he or she is born, and has no right to “be there” (in the womb), and therefore no human right to life.

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