“Gay” activist Scott Rose on how to deal with opponents of “gay” marriage – Murder them!

Click on the following link to read a chilling article.


We are providing this link with some reluctance, because some of their posts and comments contain offensive words.

However, we think that it is right to direct our readers to this article on the “victims of gay bullying” blog because it shows that elements of the homosexual lobby harbour murderous hatred for those who oppose them and their behaviour and lifestyle.

We have not found any other article online, confirming Scott Rose’s suggestion that opponents of gay marriage are deserving of death, so readers must decide for themselves if the article is an honest report of this man’s views or not. Personally speaking, we have no difficulty believing that some homosexuals would like to kill those who will not capitulate to them.

8 thoughts on ““Gay” activist Scott Rose on how to deal with opponents of “gay” marriage – Murder them!

  1. From her own blog

    “He will also face drugs charges, AND something he richly deserves, the DEATH PENALTY!”

    but as we all know – one ranter or nutter does not define a group and anyone who believes that either of these two people represent anything other than an extremist view (of homosexuals or christians) needs to get some perspective on life.

    • You will see golfie, that we have edited your comment. You are misrepresenting us. You quoted a sentence from our post about the abortion doctor, Gosnell, and then tried to give the impression that we are seeking the death penalty for homosexuals, which we are not advocating at all. That abortion doctor is facing the death penalty for killing living, newborn babies and, if he killed them as described in the newspaper reports, such crimes surely attract the death penalty.

      • As usual MrandMrsWhite you have edited my post and tried to claim I said something I did not. I never mentioned or inferred that you were seeking the death penalty for homosexuals – in fact I never mentioned your view of homosexuals.

        What I showed was that you called for the death of an abortion doctor (a group you have consistently grouped as murderers and shown little distinction between late or early term practitioners) who is, like you or Rose, at the extreme of the group in question.

        You have consistently used extreme individuals behaviours or views in order to tar an entire group with the same behaviours,your posts are full of adjectives which depict a group on the basis of some individuals positions yet you and Glenn object if people characterise all christians with the actions and beliefs of some by stating they are not true christians. You clearly understand that guilt by association is a bigoted practice when applied to you but use the tactic as a primary weapon in your war on others – you cannot have it both ways.

        • We were right to edit your post because you DID put certain words together to give the impression that we think that those we disagree with should be killed. We will not permit you to say such things about us (nor imply such either.) We believe in telling the truth and we do not believe in misrepresenting anyone and we do not want anyone to misrepresent us either.

      • Are you saying that you did not call for the death penalty for someone you disagreed with?

        I was fairly sure that calling for the death penalty for someone was the same thing.

        You may believe in telling the truth but you have a long way to go to achieve it.

        • golfieni,

          We have never called for the death penalty for those who disagree with us. We publish many comments from those opposed to us. The issue of capital punishment is a different matter entirely. In the case of the abortion doctor, Gosnell, as we have said before, if he is guilty of severing the spinal cord (with scissors,) of newborn babies, surely he is a murderer, and, in some states in the USA, the sentence for murder is death.

          If we still had capital punishment in the UK, it is possible that many murders would never have been committed, because potential murderers may have been restrained by the fear of being “hanged by the neck until you are dead,” which was, at one time, the sentence for convicted murderers.

    • Actually there are hundreds of similar vicious death-threats to be fund on most homosexual websites. The “gays” display their true foulness and disturbed minds on these sites, thinking no heterosexuals will read it. They talk to each other and vent their hatred and aggression in language that is just disgusting. Also they often write stuff that is racist, or they call for any other point of view apart from their own to be banned.
      They are a very unpleasant lot.

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