Planned Parenthood’s solution to the abortionist’s dread – what to do with a baby born alive, despite determined attempts to kill it in utero!

Click on the following link to a short video (with poor sound quality and grainy picture,) and listen to a representative of Planned Child Destruction (oops, Planned Parenthood,) chillingly discuss that inconvenient scourge of the baby-killers i.e  a baby born alive after an abortion failed to kill it!

This cold, calculating, (and immodestly-dressed) woman should be arrested for her pro-infanticide views! Surely it is viewed as murder in law.

Sadly, there is no law prohibiting pro-abortion views.

Miss/Mrs. La Polt Snow believes that the mother of the child, and her “physician” should decide if a baby born alive stays alive!

The only “judgement” that matters is the very “judgemental CHOICE” of the woman, that horrible euphemism that truly hides a “multitude of sins.”

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