A puzzling question – where is Dungannon?

A commenter who has expressed an interest in meeting us and whose home is in Northern Ireland, has asked the following question (via e-mail,) when we suggested the town of Dungannon as a possible location for said meeting,

“Dear Mr.&Mrs.White,  Where is Dungannon?

We have to believe that the question is genuine and that the individual concerned does not know where Dungannon is, but we have to say that our reaction to the question was marked by incredulity!

How would our Northern Ireland readers react to, and respond to the question, “Where is Dungannon.”

9 thoughts on “A puzzling question – where is Dungannon?

  1. Dear Mr amd Mrs White I am very sorry to cause confusion to you both.When i said Where is Dungannon i was trying to bond with you by using Warmth.Satire,wit and fun. I of course know where Dungannon is, about 13 Miles from Passage East in Waterford? OR Is that Dungarvan oops getting confused???? Anyway since you hurt my feelings so much I believe that you should come to Belfast to see me..I feel that you are Christians and have a number of anger issues to deal with .I am a graduate in Psychology and i know these things…can i be of any help in dealing with this problem that you both have? i am willing to help you in any way that i can I charge 30 per hour per person but in your case i can offer a reduction to 29.50 pence each ..now isnt that generous from a fellow who you described as dispicable in your blog? any way please confirm your attendance asap and i look forward to helping you both end your obvious pain

    JJWHYTE PHD. MA. BSC{ HON].DIP ED.CERT IT. you may refer to me as that dispicable man until your therapy is over

    Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 13:55:29 +0000 To: judewhyte1957@hotmail.co.uk

  2. Jude, the Whites will only come to Belfast if there is a gay pride parade or if people march in favour of women wanting the right to rid their body of unwanted pregnancy….Susan has no backbone, she challenges people to debates and never goes through with them. She wont meet with you but she is happy to defame you here. She is a coward.

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