Fundamentalist Mormons and “living the principle”

We wish to share a link to a weekly programme which broadcasts from Salt Lake City, Utah. The title of the broadcast is,

“Polygamy: What love is this?”  and it is hosted by Doris Hanson, who was raised in a polygamous group, but she ran away and eventually became a born-again Christian.

The programmes include testimonies of those who were raised in the various Mormon polygamous groups, such as the Kingstons, the Allreds and the LeBarons.

The mainstream Mormon Church (or LDS, as they prefer,) excommunicates any member who lives “the principle,” i.e polygamy, yet, they have never removed the section from the Doctrine and Covenants (one of the LDS Church’s “Scripture” books,) which teaches that polygamy is necessary for exaltation in the hereafter, because they (the mainstream LDS church believe they will live “the principle” in heaven.)

So, excommunicating those who cannot wait for eternity to multiply wives, is a face-saving exercise on the part of the Mormon authorities.

The link to the programme is as follows.

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