Callous, despicable words stream forth from “peace process” devotee

In 1984, a woman in her early fifties,  Mrs.Margaret (Peggy) Whyte, and a Police Officer, Michael Dawson, were murdered in a UVF bomb attack.

The letters “UVF,” stand for “Ulster Volunteer Force,” a murderous paramilitary organisation whose “raison-d’etre” is (supposedly,) to ensure that Ulster remains British and also, the defeat of their “mirror image,” the murderous IRA, whose “raison d’etre” is to reunite Ireland and force “Brits” i.e British out.

The loyalist UVF is responsible for some of the most heinous murders during the “troubles” in Northern Ireland, and the troubles continue to this day as terrorism is still a reality in NI (albeit on a smaller scale,) and despite the much-vaunted “peace process,” (appeasement process more like.) The horrifying Shankill butchers are a case in point, because many of that wicked gang from the 1970’s were members of the UVF.

In 1984, the UVF killed Peggy Whyte and Michael Dawson in a bomb attack (mentioned in our introduction.) The son of Mrs. Whyte, Jude Whyte, has been a “peace process” devotee for some considerable time now and is not interested in justice for his mother. He believes that NI needs a “Truth Commission,” and, because he knows that murderers are unlikely to tell the truth, he suggests that amnesty would provide the incentive to “loose their tongues.” Of course this would mean that murderers literally “get away with murder,” but this does not trouble this despicable man. He was on the Nolan show yesterday (we will provide the link,) and we were incredulous as we listened to his callous words about his mother’s death. Here we will let him speak for himself as he discusses his “way forward” with Stephen Nolan, and speaks to the killer/killers of his mother should he/they be listening out there in “radioland.”

“Whoever killed my Ma, if you’re listening, I forgive you, and if I knew who you were, I wouldn’t even tell the Police on you.”

This man’s mother was brutally murdered (and a police officer also,) but Jude Whyte has no interest in, nor desire for, justice.

Shame on him.

The Bible speaks of a time when “none calleth for justice.”  If the cap fits, Mr.Whyte……

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PS   Forgiveness does not mean we forsake the pursuit of justice. We can forgive and still demand justice, and this is right and proper. However, to be forgiven, an individual needs to confess his/her sin/crime, and repent of it, and,if genuine, such a person would make a thorough confession of wrongdoing to the Police. This is the fruit of true repentance.

3 thoughts on “Callous, despicable words stream forth from “peace process” devotee

  1. The man has chosen to forgive, isn’t that what you christians preach about all the time? yur logic is up the f…… left. What do you know about us loyalists you idiot.

  2. If he can find it in himself to forgive someone who has committed a heinous crime against him then who are you to judge him? Is that not what your christ taught.

    You want retribution on behalf of others who do not want your retribution.

    You call yourself a christian, but you are wedded to the old testament and have no idea of what your christ taught in the new testament.

    You are for an “eye for an eye” not “turn the other cheek”

    I would find it difficult to say what he has said but I have more respect for him as a human being than I have for you as a self appointed christian.

  3. What you have wrote is a disgrace. The man in question is a member of my family, and you have no idea of the struggles within it over the death of peggy. Whilst Judes opinion and my own differ i believe he is a much stronger person to forgive, and as a christian who gives you the right to judge.

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