Abortion doctor on trial for eight deaths at his Pennsylvania abortuary!

Dr.Kermit Gosnell, an “abortion provider,” is to go on trial for eight deaths at his “clinic” in Pennsylvania. Eight of his nine clinic workers were also arrested and three of them have pleaded guilty to third degree murder. This includes an unlicensed “doctor” who has admitted to using scissors to sever the spines of over 100 babies, and, for this wickedness, he was paid a few hundred dollars a week.

Authorities say that Dr.Gosnell carried out late-term abortions (as late as eight months into pregnancy,) and it is alleged that he too used scissors to sever spinal cords of newborns while they were still alive.

Many patients were left with infections, perforated bowels and other injuries, after abortions performed by untrained and unlicensed staff.
If they had been “trained and licensed,” they would then have been “trained, licensed killers,” but instead they were “untrained and unlicensed killers.”
The monstrous Dr.Gosnell will be tried for eight deaths, that is, seven deaths of babies born in the 6th, 7th and 8th months of pregnancy, and the death of a 41 year old mother, Karnamaya Mongar, who died of anaesthetic overdose during a second trimester abortion.

You pro-choice (pro-abortion,) men and women out there, let the horror of the above sink in and awaken your silenced, sleeping  consciences, because the push for abortion on demand means abortions should be available at any stage in a pregnancy!

At Dr.Gosnell’s abortuary, authorities found bags and bottles of aborted babies, and equipment was bloodstained and broken.

He will also face drugs charges, AND something he richly deserves, the DEATH PENALTY!


16 thoughts on “Abortion doctor on trial for eight deaths at his Pennsylvania abortuary!

  1. You unimaginable hypocrite Susan. You think restricting access to or even worse, banning, abortion stops women having them? no it doesn’t!!! it just creates business for butchers like this man to do what he does. Like it or not Susan, there will always be women who will abort a pregnancy regardless of anyone’s beliefs or what laws are in place to try and stop them. They will go in desperation to these butchers. And it is because of people like you and your brain-demented religious cronies in the US that causes women to have to resort to risking their lives. YOU create murderers like this man – you and your ilk have those womens blood on your hands. This article shows how clueless you really are about this issue. And as if you care about those women…you don’t and you are a liar if you deny that. Thats all I’m saying on this, you dont deserve comments, they only encourage you writing this nonsense.

  2. Nicole,
    There will always be people who go to prostitutes, so let’s make prostitution legal. There will always be murderers, so let’s make murder legal. There will always be thieves, so let’s make theft legal. Do you see the absurdity of your logic?

    Those of us who want to outlaw abortion are not the ones who create such murderers, rather it is the women who want their children murdered who create them.

    Abortion not only murders the child, but women sustain all sorts of damage, both physically and mentally – IF they survive the abortion!

  3. So Susan, where else do terrified pregnant women turn to when access to safe, legal abortion is denied to them? they will go somewhere and anywhere if they are determined enough. So why you bemoan the fate of these women is beyond me.

    • Mr.Jones,

      Dr.Death’s (Gosnell) abortion “clinic” was a “fully certified and legal” abortion clinic, which you want women to have access to. It was not a “backstreet” abortion clinic. I weep for the unborn and newborn babies who were slaughtered in that house of horrors, and their mothers are partakers of that wicked doctors sins/crimes.

    • Once the babies had been born, what problem was there left, for the mothers to be “terrified” about, that killing the babies would solve? They could have been cared for by any number of people. A child whose *mother* doesn’t want him or her, doesn’t *have* to be murdered. Somebody else will want a healthy baby to adopt. It’s older children who are hard to place with adoptive parents, not newborn babies. The seven murder victims weren’t killed to save the mothers the trouble of putting up with carrying them. The mothers had already carried them long enough for the babies to be born alive, and had finished carrying them by the time the babies were murdered. They were killed for the sake of cold-blooded killing.

      • John,

        I think we have some level of common ground here – I cannot fathom why someone would go through 6/7/8 months of a pregnancy and then have the baby killed (and it is killed because it was born and would be fully viable and then was killed). This guy was not carrying out abortions (if the allegations are true) he was killing born children at the behest of a mother for reasons I cannot seem to fathom or discover. I also agree with you that there were options the mothers could have pursued and that newborn babies are much easier to find adoptive homes than older children. If what we read is true these babies would not have died after the doctor caused their birth if he had not killed them.

        I know we disagree on various other things (although I agreed with you on something else which was not allowed to be posted) I thought it important on this very acidic blog to say that we do not disagree on everything.

  4. What about the christians who have murdered doctors who perform abortion? There’s no mention of them on this blog. Is it only murder when a non-christian does it, and a fully-justifiable act when a christian does it?

      • The problem is Glenn that every christian who has carried out an inhuman, barbaric or (to the rest of us) an immoral act under the cover of your scripture is denounced by you as not being a true christian. It seems you can kidnap kids OK if you are the right sort of christian (say a pastor Miller or a concerned christian in Haiti) but if you punish a child to scriptural guidelines and they die then obviously the are not the right sort of christian (more like you are to embarrassed to say that you agree).

        It would seem that each christian gets to decide who else is a true christian based on whether they agree with them or not.

        Like most literal christians (and the bible) you can justify anything or condemn it depending on your particular agenda of the day which is why biblical literacy is such a joke.

        That’s what makes me laugh when people like you talk about objective truths, you have no idea what objective means or how to recognise it, to you objectivity is what you believe (to the rest of us that is subjectivity).

        • Golfieni,

          As usual, you misrepresent Christians and the Christian faith.
          Here’s the thing – anyone who is not following the rules of an organization, has no right to claim to be members of that organization. There are many people who claim to be Christian and yet worship false gods and false christs. There are organizations which claim to be Christian and yet do not follow any of the teachings of Christ. I am not the one to make the determination – it is the Bible which must be used to compare what people claim to what is the truth.
          True Christians also sometimes commit sins, even grievous sins, but when they are doing so, they are acting against the Christian faith. Don’t blame the faith for the actions of those who claim it while acting against it.

          Truth is truth no matter what people think about it. Objective truth is in the Bible and it comes from God.

          But this is just a red herring. I specifically asked two questions:
          1) how many abortionists have been killed,
          2) how many were killed by those claiming to be Christians.

          A charge was made and I’m seeking evidence.

      • Glenn. Little article from Guardian from 29th January 2010 for your consideration!

        I shot US abortion doctor to protect children, Scott Roeder tells court
        Judge in Kansas rules born-again Christian who killed George Tiller with .22-calibre gun must stand trial for murder

        A born-again Christian who believes abortion is a sin failed yesterday to ­convince a judge that he need not stand trial for murder after he admitted shooting dead an ­abortion doctor.

        Scott Roeder, 51, told the court in Wichita, Kansas, that on 30 May 2009, the day before he shot George Tiller, he had bought a .22-calibre gun and bullets and then practised target shooting with his brother. He checked into a motel in Wichita and the next day followed Tiller to the Reformation Lutheran church, where the doctor was an usher.

        His defence lawyer asked: “Did you go and shoot Dr Tiller?” Roeder replied: “Yes.”

        The fact Roeder was the killer, with a single shot to the head, was not in doubt, but the confession was an attempted defence that he felt forced to act to save the lives of unborn children. He has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, and yesterday was the first time in US legal history that an anti-abortionist was allowed to present the jury with his justification for murder.

        The judge, Warren Wilbert, dismayed pro-abortionists and doctors this month when he ruled that Roeder could present his justification. They feared that if a jury were to find him guilty of just manslaughter it would encourage more attacks. But after Roeder gave his evidence, Wilbert ruled that the jury could not consider the lesser charge, since abortion, including late-term abortion, is legal in Kansas, and Tiller did not pose an imminent threat. “There is no immediate danger in the back of a church,” the judge said.

        He also ruled out a second-degree murder conviction, which does not involve premeditation, because it was clear that Roeder had planned the killing. “It would be hard for a reasonable fact-finder to find anything other than the defendant formulating his belief and then planning on multiple occasions … to carry out his intention to [kill] Dr Tiller.”

        Tiller had long been a target for anti-abortionists as he was one of few doctors prepared to ­perform legal abortions after 21 weeks of gestation. In 1986 his clinic was bombed and in 1993 he was shot in both arms, but he carried on working.

        Roeder told the jury he was born again in 1992 after watching an evangelical TV show, the 700 Club. “That day I knelt down and I did accept Christ as my saviour,” he said. Under cross-examination, Roeder said he had begun thinking about killing Tiller from as early as 1993.

        Asked by the prosecution whether he had a long-standing belief that Tiller needed to die, he replied: “It took many years, yes.” He considered different methods: shooting him at his clinic, using a sniper rifle from a nearby church, or chopping off his hands with a sword. In the end he decided that severing Tiller’s hands would not stop him, as he could train others. He had to be killed, he admitted.

        Despite prosecution objections, the judge allowed Roeder to offer his view that abortion was murder. “It is not man’s job to take life – it’s our Heavenly Father’s. It’s never up to man to take life, except in defence of self or others,” Roeder said. He talked of foetuses “torn limb from limb”, and said foetuses in later stages of pregnancy “feel more pain”. Both claims drew prosecution protests. Roeder did not even approve of abortions for rape or incest, as “two wrongs don’t make a right”.

        Roeder’s lawyer, Mark Rudy, said that shortly before the killing, Roeder had been “astonished, upset and distraught” when a jury found Tiller not guilty of breaking abortion laws. “He came to the view that he was going to act himself.”

        • Rob,
          The claim was that “Christians” (plural) have been responsible for murdering “doctors” plural. This is one example.

          And as a matter of fact, this “Christian” claimed he was converted by watching a program known to be rife with heretical and other false teachings. Aside from that he was known to have mental problems since he was about 20 years old, having been diagnosed with possible schizophrenia. His membership with an anti-government group and other anti-government activities were all totally in contradiction to biblical teachings. He also followed so-called “Christian” groups who advocated “Christian terrorism” – a completely unbiblical concept. I never found anything which showed Roeder attended any sort of orthodox Christian assembly.

          The fact that his beliefs and practices were all unbiblical and anti-Christian belies his claim to have been “born again.” As noted previously, people can claim to be Christians in an effort to justify whatever actions they desire to justify, but if there is no evidence in there beliefs or practices that align with the Bible, then for all their claims they are still not Christian.

          I am still waiting for evidence of “Christians” murdering abortion “doctors.”

      • As usual Glenn you are confused.

        Anyone can claim to be a christian as there is no owner or arbiter of what it means to be a christian. Christians seem to just interpret their big book of stuff to make it mean whatever they want it to mean. They can then claim that anyone who doesn’t follow it their way isn’t a true christian just like you do. There are other christians who of course use the same logic to claim that you are not a true christian. How does anyone know you are a true christian – and until you prove it why should anyone take a blind bit of notice of you ? You are just as likely to be a false christian as all the others you accuse of it.

        “Truth is truth no matter what people think about it. Objective truth is in the Bible and it comes from God.” That’s only what you think – therefore it falls under subjective.

  5. Glenn’s comments on this site have shown he is anything but a christian. Judgemental, bigoted, homophobic, a woman-hater yes. Christian, no.

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