International Anti – Women’s Day ( “celebrating ” the Feminist assault on womanhood!)

Today is International Women’s Day and Feminists would have us recognise and celebrate the “rights” and “freedoms” they have secured for women. Let us consider a few of the “demands” of the “sisterhood” which  Governments and organisations in many countries of the world have willingly granted to the “pink stinks” brigade (and yes, there is a feminist organisation of that name and they hate the colour pink because it is associated with girls, as in “pink for a girl and blue for a boy.”)

Come to think of it, any lesbian associated with that group will surely have divided loyalties because she will support the use of the word (and colour) when it is used to describe the “gay” lifestyle as in the “pink” pound and the “Pink News,” etc.,  yet she is part of an organisation called “Pink Stinks!”

Feminism and the “rights” it has demanded (and been granted,)

An equal right to die or be seriously injured (in the military, fire service and police,)
The right to be injured carrying heavy weights (previously women would have been advised not to do this, in a sports club, for example, but this was “sexist” according to Harriet Harman and that advice had to go,)
The “right” to dress and act in provocative ways (remember the Slut Marches,)
The “right” to be intoxicated,

The “right” to sexual freedom and free contraceptives and abortion on demand up to nine months of pregnancy,
The “right” to take jobs from men, jobs many women do not need because many women work, not because they need to, but because they want to.

Interestingly, one right (and it is an actual “right,) which feminism refuses to allow, is the right to be a stay-at-home married woman/mother. To aspire to such is to be a traitor to the feminist “cause.” Indeed, some feminists would forbid marriage as a choice for women. One feminist described the housewife’s life as a “comfortable concentration camp.”

Some of the “celebrations” taking place today to mark International Women’s Day include a “Queer Ball for Choice” in Dublin tonight, ( note the connection between lesbianism, feminism and abortion in the title of the event.) Elsewhere in the world today, women could “Paint Yourself As A Goddess for International Women’s Day.”

This is not without significance because radical feminism encourages the worship of the Goddess. Here is a quote from a book entitled “Sexual Chaos,”
“Moving away from theology (the study of God,) and toward what feminists call thealogy (the study of the Goddess) the interest in women and religion is no small one. All over the country (USA) women’s studies departments are springing up in Universities dedicated to propagating Feminism as religion.” (end of quote)

Feminism continues to use tax-payer’s money to finance feminist “academics” as in the case of the Economic Social Research Council (ESRC) and some of the riveting “work” undertaken by this lunatic fringe includes “Fat Studies.”

One seminar was entitled, “Bigness beyond Obesity,” and they are (seriously) looking at the possibility of “fat activism.” We find this hilarious but these women are not laughing, they take this very seriously indeed and, that being the case, these academics do not need their weight examined, they need their heads examined!

Is today a cause for celebration, NO, rather it is a time to mourn!

8 thoughts on “International Anti – Women’s Day ( “celebrating ” the Feminist assault on womanhood!)

  1. “Marriage is a comfortable concentration camp…” I couldn’t agree more. And I take great offense at your describing this as “ANTI-women’s day”. The only one who is anti-women here is you.

    The only thing we agree on is how absurd the “fat studies” thing it. I think it must be a joke, because anyone who would seriously suggest such a thing would have to be:
    1. A moron.
    2. Someone who misread the calendar and thought it was April 1st.

  2. This ‘feminist’ says to you Susan to go get yourself f…… a man of course. I have the right to say that and you have the right to do it. That’s feminism as you know it. Now…go get well and truly f….. This comment is not for your stupid, idiotic blog, its for you yourself, you weak-minded, witless woman. I myself am going to get my twin fetuses aborted next week just for something fun to do then I will join the army, shoot some men, have a lesbian affair, walk around in a short skirt, get drunk, have s.. on the steps of every church in Belfast and then m……… myself silly to the tune of Abide with Me while holding the bible in my free hand.
    Have a nice daaayyyyy.

    • Maeve, we called your bluff and published your vile comment (heavily edited of course.) We want our readers to see what feminism has done to women, and their thinking and behaviour, and you are a typical, brain-corrupted, foul-mouthed case in point. As a woman, I am better able to oppose you feminists than a man, because you scream “sexist” at any man who will not be “converted” to the feminist “cause.” You expect all women to agree with your feminist analysis but many do not, I’m glad to say. Some of us still think for ourselves. You (and women like you) must be opposed, otherwise your poisonous ideology will consign us all to a terrifying androgynous future.

    • You obviously like foul-mouthed, coarse, pro-abortion women, James. As you are impure in your speech, we can see why you would appreciate filthy talk. Birds of a feather flock together. You still have not answered the question that has been outstanding for weeks now. Why don’t you go and make a nuisance of yourself on a feminist blog. They love male feminists.

      • Susan, if you believe that Women/Wives belong in the home then technically you shouldn’t be in Politics, your husband should be.
        By your own Standards (I won’t say “God’s” Standards cos there is no proof your God exists).. your breaking your own rules. You should be at Home while your Husband does the Political Work. Don’t you feel like something of a hypocrite?

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