Belfast City Hall – Whitewashes the “rainbow” for “Gay” Pride!

We learned today that Belfast City Hall has a project in hand entitled “Illuminate.” This involves the introduction of low-energy LED lighting with a view to reducing CO2 emissions etc., so the “green” lobby are the prime movers here, no doubt.

April 2013 is the anticipated time for first use of the installation.

Colour-washing the City Hall will also be possible.

The Council states that these facilities could be used on designated days of cultural and social significance when the City Hall would be “colour-washed” for one day. Days such as,

St.Patrick’s Day (green)

Orangefest (orange)

St.Valentine’s Day (red)

Chinese New Year (red and yellow)

Polish Independence Day (red and white)

Gay Pride (rainbow)

We look at the above list and we see Multiculturalism, not Britishness, we see the liberal, inclusive agenda and, of course, we see the “gay” agenda. In reality, these overlap one another, because multiculturalists are liberal and they are pro-gay and “gays” are liberal and for multiculturalism, and they are virtually all “eco-warriors.”
We do not wish to see Belfast City Hall used to promote and celebrate any of the above, it is a building that commands respect and should not be trivialised in this way.
However, we are particularly concerned about the building being “awash” with the rainbow colours, as this whitewashes the darkness of the homosexual lifestyle and its destructive effect on society. This IS a moral issue and there is no such thing as “dazzling” darkness.

One thought on “Belfast City Hall – Whitewashes the “rainbow” for “Gay” Pride!

  1. What you wish is irrelevant as no one group ‘owns’ the city hall and you should no more have a veto than I should veto your celebrations. I pay my rates and taxes just like everyone else and I am born and raised here in Belfast. I have as much right as you to have what is important in my life represented and celebrated by the city. It is not a requirement that you accept or acknowledge my life but you do not have the ability to sweep it or me under the carpet..

    Having said that I think the City Hall in Rainbow colours will be a lovely backdrop for your annual whine and look forward to getting some cracker pics.

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