Vatican investigates Keith O’Brien – where are the Police?

The Vatican is to investigate allegations against Cardinal Keith O’Brien which were reported to the Papal Nuncio (the Pope’s representative to Britain,) Antonio Mennini, by four anonymous men from the diocese of St.Andrews and Edinburgh.

Initially, the Cardinal stated that he would contest the vague, non-specific allegations. However, yesterday, he admitted that his sexual conduct had fallen below that which was expected of a Cardinal, and has asked forgiveness.

It is unlikely that a person would confess to an offence he is not guilty of, UNLESS he was under extreme duress. We have to assume that Keith O’Brien made his confession without any outside interference and, if that is so, then we have to ask why he has not been interviewed by the Police.

Why is the Vatican in charge of the investigation?
We have a suggestion to make to the Vatican regarding those four anonymous accusers and it is this, NAME THEM!

5 thoughts on “Vatican investigates Keith O’Brien – where are the Police?

  1. Susan. Shame on you! Those who have been abused by this man have the right to their privacy! Especially as some may have been under the legal age at the time the abuse occurred. Though I guess I am forgetting, this is coming from the woman who expects woman to give birth to their rapists children!

  2. “he admitted that his sexual conduct had fallen below that which was expected of a Cardinal, and has asked forgiveness.”

    The sexual conduct expected of a Romist Cardinal? Expected by whom?

  3. Mrandmrswhite,

    The allegations have been made about seminarians who would have been over the age of consent at the time and as the information in the public domain is of inappropriate sexual advances/contact it is more in the domain of sexual harassment than a criminal offence. As in other cases of sexual harassment the police do not become involved unless the employers investigation finds that the contact went beyond harassment into the realms of rape or if the person claiming wrongdoing actually makes a complaint to the police. It is also quite normal for the employer to be bound by strict rules to ensure the anonymity of the person making the allegations, in fact they have a legal duty to do so.

    Until the nature of the contact is known it is inappropriate to be calling for either the police to be involved or for the naming of the people making the statements. I would have thought that as the Cardinal has admitted the contact there is even less reason to add more pressure on the victims as their identity is of even less importance.

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