Joel Beeke among the Patriarchs!

This post will probably only be of interest to our fellow-Evangelical Christians.

We have observed, with increasing concern, the obvious (and increasing) compromise of Dr. Joel Beeke, a well-known conference speaker and Minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He appears to have virtually abandoned the practice of Biblical separation and has no difficulty sharing platforms with new Evangelicals and other trendy compromisers. He obviously thinks that separation does not apply to Bible conferences and book collaborations etc.
He is also to be found among those who are dominionists/reconstructionists, such as those associated with Vision Forum. Yet Dr.Beeke is still welcome in many fundamentalist,evangelical Churches who either turn a blind eye to his compromise or become a partaker of it by treating him as they always did and as if nothing had changed.
Here is a short video which shows Dr.Beeke with Scott Brown and Doug Philips who are associated with the Family Integrated Churches (FIC) movement which has links to Dominionism and Christian Reconstructionism. Dr.Beeke and Scott Brown have worked together modernising a Puritan work.

We wish to make it clear that we are fundamentalist Evangelical Christians and we certainly agree with Vision Forum in its stand for the Biblical family and against Feminism, nevertheless, we believe they go too far and are extreme in their views on Patriarchy, and such views can lead one to make an “idol” of the family.

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