Muslim grooming gangs – an inconvenient truth hidden by a convenient lie in multicultural Britain!

This week, three Muslim men were found guilty of abducting a 13 year old girl and forcing her to become their sex slave. This is the latest in a long line of similar cases in which the perpetrators are frequently Muslims.

Now we will wait for the usual, predictable accusation of “racist” to be “shrieked” at us from those who think that Muslims constitute a race as well as a religion.

Here is a quote from BBC News (7th January, 2011,)

“The string of convictions in cities such as Rotherham, Preston, Blackburn, Rochdale and now Derby have more often than not involved Asian men, specifically men of Pakistani origin and mainly Muslim.” (end of quote)

Consider also the following statistics from a Times Report, published on 5th January, 2011, related to convictions for a particular form of child sex grooming in the North and the Midlands (areas of UK,)

of the 56 offenders convicted since 1997 for crimes relating to on-street grooming of girls aged 11-16,
3 were white
53 were Asian of which 50 were Muslim, most were from the British Pakistani community.

Now these frightening facts will have the PC, Multicultural “religionists” apoplectic and struggling to keep their house of cards from collapsing and their “all cultures are equal” doctrine intact, and they will conclude that WE urgently require RE-EDUCATION at one of the local gulags  i.e. a cultural awareness and diversity training and sensitivity centre. Yes, no doubt about it, people like us are “gulag-bound.”

6 thoughts on “Muslim grooming gangs – an inconvenient truth hidden by a convenient lie in multicultural Britain!

    • So then the BBC and the Times report is also “racist?” To be consistent, you will have to label them with your nonsensical epithet also. How many times do you have to be told that Muslims do not constitute a race of people? What are you doing on our blog anyway, you don’t belong here, you are here with malicious intent.

      • I posted a comment some time ago, which hasn’t appeared. I put quite a lot of work into it. Maybe my comment got lost, or maybe you decided not to publish it.

        I suspect Martin Wilcox only posted, “Racist!”, because you asked for that – LITERALLY! “Now we will wait for the usual, predictable accusation of ‘racist’ to be ‘shrieked’ at us …” That’s exactly what you wrote. Perhaps he didn’t want to disappoint you, and therefore gave you what you’s asked for. (An exclamation mark is known as a “shriek” amongst people who work in certain industries.) Perhaps he didn’t really mean what he wrote, but was joking.

        • Mr.Allman,

          We did receive your comment but we believed it would be unwise to publish it, just as we believe it would have been unwise to publish your comment above in its entirety. You will see that we have edited it. Please trust our judgememt in this matter.

  1. Susan you do not deserve comments being posted here, you do not present the truth that other people wish to present. Tampering with people’s comments is a low act, I suppose you would support countries who suppress christianity because it does not represent their ideals?
    You do not pay for this blog, this is a free site so it is not ‘yours’ as such. you don’t pay for the space you use here so since when you YOU reserve the right to misconstrue what people want to say?
    Who censors what YOU say…and if nobody does then why NOT???
    You self-righteous b….

    • James, you are one of our most obnoxious commenters.You do not observe any rules of civil debate and, as our blog bothers you so much, we wonder why you keep turning up like the proverbial bad penny.You have overstayed your welcome but, before you finally go, please answer the question that was asked of you following your comment on 14.2.13 which we will quote to refresh your memory,

      “Brought back memories of a really good day out, my kids enjoyed themselves, they loved the music and the noise, it was a good day. God made them gay so blame God if you must, but for what? Viva la difference!

      Again we ask James, who, according to you, did “God make gay?”

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