South African Police – a law unto themselves!

Black South African police officers meted out appalling brutality to a 27 year old black man, Mido Macia, from Mozambique, and he is now dead. He was a taxi driver and allegedly obstructing traffic. They handcuffed him to their police vehicle then dragged him behind as it moved off, slowly at first, then picked up speed. He was later found dead in a police cell in Daveyton.

There will be the usual “investigation,” no doubt, yet, despite frequent investigations into police brutality and deaths in police custody in South Africa, it still appears that the people often need protection FROM the Police rather than expecting protection BY them!
The South African Police Service (SAPS) appear to be a law unto themselves and, on occasions, it appears they are literally getting away with murder. We hope that the brutal, lawless police officers who assaulted Mr. Macia, and have questions to answer about his untimely death, will be brought to justice , despite any and all attempts to explain away yet another death in police custody.

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