South Africa – update on our efforts to highlight farm murders

We have spoken with a member of the British House of Lords about the situation in South Africa. He suggested that we could raise our concerns about the situation there in the form of a question which he could then ask in the House of Lords on our behalf. He gave no guarantees that our question would/could be asked, but we believe it is worth a try.

The mainstream media continue to ignore the violence in South Africa so we will do all we can to keep the spotlight on the near-genocide against whites in that country.

I lived in South Africa as a child with my family ( for approx a year and a half) in 1967/68 and I attended school there. We resided in Vereeniging. Our only brother was born in that land in 1968. He returned to the land of his birth (South Africa) in 1990 and tragically was killed in a car accident in 1991. He is buried in Northern Ireland.

Many articles and books have no doubt been written about the “evils” of apartheid, but has South Africa prospered under ANC rule?  Not at all, because murder and rape is endemic and whites are frequently the victims and this fact is frequently ignored by the media in the UK and elsewhere, because reporting such would seriously tarnish the carefully-groomed ANC image.

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