“Rent-a-mob” loiter with intent in Sydney (the intent is, of course, to suppress the truth)

Here is another clip of “rent-a-mob,” this time in Sydney, Australia, as they await the arrival of politician Geert Wilders.

These anarchists continue to ” occupy” space and ” occupy” the police and it is high time that some of them were “occupying” a prison cell!

Click on the following link to see a short video       http://www.mrctv.org/node/120125

17 thoughts on ““Rent-a-mob” loiter with intent in Sydney (the intent is, of course, to suppress the truth)

  1. Susan it is with great interest I read of your condemnation of people protesting against something they feel is wrong. This seems to be a big change of heart on your behalf Susan.

    It is with great delight that I now learn that you are not going to take any further part in the “Rent A Mob”, that occupies Space and Occupies the Police, while spewing forth hatred, at both Belfast Pride and Marie Stopes International. If you were to protest at either of these events, according to your logic, you should be occupying a prison cell! The days of Susan taking to the streets are over! Oh happy day!

    • Well Susie. Do you agree that the rule you have applied above also applies to you dear! If you occupy space and the police then you too should occupy a prison cell!

      Do we therefore have it officially, from your own mouth, or fingers in this case, than Ms Susan Anne White, from this day forth, will desist from taking part in any street protests???

      How you answer Susie?

      • Well Ms White, unfortunately “as far as you are concerned” does not really matter. I speak English, and according to the Oxford English dictionary, you know that book the defines words, my use of the noun Ms is entirely appropriate and proper. It is defined as thus:

        Definition of Ms
        a title used before the surname or full name of any woman regardless of her marital status (a neutral alternative to Mrs or Miss)

        Anyway, that was just an attempt to avoid the question, which to refresh your memory was:

        Do we therefore have it officially, from your own mouth, or fingers in this case, than Ms Susan Anne White, from this day forth, will desist from taking part in any street protests???

        How you answer Susie?

        I very much look forward to your answer!

        • We will respond to your question about street protests later. However, regarding your use of the designation “Ms” it is certainly “neutral” and ambiguous, two things we most definitely are not! Feminists love the term “Ms” because many of them are anti-marriage and want an “anything goes” society. Consider the feminist magazine “Ms”. I want people to know that I’m married and a “Mrs,” so I object to being called “Ms”. Would you like your mother referred to as “Ms?”

        • Sir,
          Some of the mob who opposed Geert Wilders’ recent visit to Australia were violent and they should “occupy” a prison cell.
          Our Christian witness at the City Hall is not violent and the Ministers who preach do not preach hatred ( unless you believe it is “hateful” to tell the truth.) If we keep the police “occupied,” it is because we require their protection.
          Now, Rob, a question for you. Who do you think we need protection from? Could you hazard a guess?

      • Susie Anne.

        Your last post demonstrates, better than I ever could explain, the reason why the term Ms is preferable and superior to the terms Miss and Mrs. You have no idea of the marital status of my mother, and indeed it is none of your business! Therefore the use of the term Ms negates the need for my mother, or any other woman for that matter, to declare her marital status to anyone who does not need to know such personal information!

      • Well Ms susie Anne

        You began your post about protesters being violent and deserving a prison cell. The phrase guilty as charged comes to mind, with members of the gay community being hit with bibles, threatened with hospital etc by you pseudo christians.

        You asked who you needed protection from. The clues are all there for you to read Ms Susie. The double fences round you, the breaking of the parades commission agreement….. Need I go on. The police are there to protect the gay community and wider society from the bunch of lunatics outside city hall, spewing forth homophobia and hatred, thinly veiled as pseudo religion. You are very much occupying the police and as you say in your original post, I very much feel a prison cell could be in order, as I am only judging you by your own rules! At least u lot will be one down this year as a wise judge has dealt with one of your number, mr Dowson of bnp fame – yes readers this is the caliber of the pseudo christians at city hall on pride day!

        • We have no dealings with Jim Dowson and he has NOT been one of our number at the City Hall for several years, and, since we joined the group of Christians who protest there, he has never been present. He is out to promote himself and he loves publicity and he exploits various causes for his own ends.

  2. I know how you feel, I think the same about the rent a mob outside Belfast City Hall on Pride day but in a free democracy even rent a mob’s are allowed to protest – for all the good it does them but at least the rest of us can see them for what they are – and that is rarely a good impression.

    Much as I would laugh my leg off if Belfast’s rent a mob where put in prison I would still think it a bit of an over reaction after all they are mostly harmless and add a bit of hilarity to the day as well as showing why Pride is necessary better than we ever could.

    So I say let them protest and hope they get the help they need someday to become well again.

    • golfieni,

      You are obviously replying to Rob in your comment above, however, we wonder how it was possible for you to do so, as we have not yet approved his comment (which came in at 10.05am). Yours (responding to Rob) came in at 12.34pm!

      How did you know what Rob had written, when it has not been approved by us. Do you two know each other?

      By the way, we did not publish your recent comment in which you answer Glenn because, quite frankly, we (and Glenn) have heard it all before.

      You have yet to post a link to a video supposedly showing Christians being aggressive towards “gays” and we suspect the video you mentioned golfieni does not exist.

      • MrandMrsWhite,

        try not to let your paranoia take hold too much. My comment was in answer to your post as is clear by the fact that it was not a response to anyone else.

        You want a video well here you are

        I have several more if you want?

        You castigate people for not being worth debating with and then when you think you have heard it all before you censor the debate. You do not debate – you preach. Not once have you entered into an open minded debate. You allow Glenn to make all sorts of unfounded allegations time and time again with no sanction but when a defence is put up you censor it. What are you scared of? that someone might actually have some truth that you are not a party to or that you and Glenn will be shown up for what you are?

        • golfieni,

          The video above appears to be a witness by Sandown Road Free Presbyterian Church pre-2006. They have since moved to St. Anne’s Cathedral area. There is a lot of noise and some confusion at the witness and, as we were not there, we cannot comment on the conduct of any. However, to quote your assessment of the conduct of David McIlveen’s protest/service, he “treated both the people on the parade and the law with respect and dignity.”( Taken from your comment posted at 12.18am on 14.2.13.)
          So are the people in the video above, those whom the good Reverend thought it wise to distance himself from?

      • No idea Mrandmrswhite,

        They are all christians and my experience of Mr McIlveen is as I have said.

        I said I would post a video of christians being abusive at city hall and I have done so. There is really no need for you to comment as the video explains itself and refutes your claims of christians not behaving badly.

        Do you want me to post a video of christians heckling the parade with megaphones which you also claim are not used?

        The fact that you were not there to witness something does not mean it did not happen.

  3. Susan my comment above is still awaiting moderation? Does it not meet your moderation guidelines in some way? Or perhaps Glenn hasn’t penned his response yet, so both can be approved at same time?!

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