Pastor Ken Miller moved back to Vermont

Mennonite Pastor Kenneth Miller has been moved from a prison in New York back to Vermont, possibly because he needed to be in a jail that had daily transportation to the Courthouse, as he is due for sentencing on 4th March this year.

We appreciate receiving these updates on the Pastor’s situation from friends in the USA.

11 thoughts on “Pastor Ken Miller moved back to Vermont

  1. It is not often that I can say that myself and Susie have the same friends! But on this occasion it would appear that the Internet is ‘friend’ to both of us! Judge for yourself readers, but it would appear that Susan’s ‘friend in the USA’ is in fact the web page

    Very helpfully this website also includes Mr Miller’s current prison address and also his ‘home’ address, even though his home is likely (hopefully) going to be a cell for the next three years, with an encouragement to write! I, for one, will most certainly be writing and expressing my disgust at his vile act of separating a child from one of it’s parents, and will encourage others to do the same!

    • Rob,

      You are not as clever as you think you are. We receive updates on Pastor Miller’s situation from a Mennonite family in the USA, so our source of info is not the web page you mentioned.

      You continue to gloat over the Pastor’s unjust imprisonment and you hope he suffers the loss of his freedom for the next three years! What a callous, cruel individual you are!

      • Susan. In your previous post you call for prison for those expressing their democratic right to protest! Does that make you a callous, cruel individual??

        As for unjust imprisonment… Assisting in child abduction and refusing to answer for his crimes in court….. Unjust???? Don’t think so! Even his colleague ‘pastor’ Ervin Horst knew it was wrong and refuse to drive them across the border despite being asked by the ‘innocent’ ‘pastor’.

      • mrandmrswhite,

        his imprisonment is not unjust, he was found guilty in a court of a criminal offence (that of aiding in the kidnap of a minor, a heinous crime) and deserves to spend time in prison.

        Is hoping that a criminal spends time in jail gloating?, is sending someone to prison for crimes they committed callous and cruel ?

        You yourself have suggested that people should be imprisoned for legally protesting and for being gay – neither of which is a crime and you think Rob is callous and cruel.

        Your moral compass is way overdue for a service.

      • As of the time of your post the questions have already been answered.

        Despite your hectoring tone I am under no obligation to answer any question you put forward. I do not run this blog nor do I set myself up as a moral judge of other people as you do. It is for you to answer for what you assert on this blog.

        You seem to have a problem understanding blog etiquette. You blog and the rest of us either agree or not and question your posts if that is what we wish to do. You put yourself out there to have your views debated yet you stifle debate and censor opinions which do not concur with yours. If you want to preach and not be questioned then find a pulpit.

    • “Parent?” Please explain Ms Jenkins’ parental status. Did she adopt Isabella?
      And how much real compassion can one feel for a child one refers to as “it”?

  2. golfieni,
    You are such a hypocrite. You say, “nor do I set myself up as a moral judge of other people

    Every time you post on this blog you set yourself up as a moral judge of the Whites as well as anyone who agrees with them and disagrees with you. That is your sole reason for being here – as a moral judge.

    And yet you have no moral standard by which to make such judgments except your own opinions.

    • No one has any moral standards to make judgements except those they have formed through interaction with others.

      The purpose of this blog, it seems to me, is for people like the blog owner to espouse their righteous morality and judgement on the rest of us. .As such the whites have set themselves up as moral judges and I disagree with them. The fact that I disagree with them or might even judge them does not mean I have set myself up as a judge of other people – in order to do that I would need to have set up my own blog to that effect. You and the Whites have set yourselves up


  3. Golfieni
    And by what right do you have to decide who has the right to determine what moral standards are or who can judge by them? Your arbitrary standard is hypocritical. You continue to judge as you decry those who judge against YOUR self-made morality. You don’t need a blog to set yourself up as a judge – you do that every time you visit here.

  4. This is pointless. “Golfieni” recognizes no God and therefore no moral absolutes. In a society which practiced ritual child sacrifice or cannibalism, for example, he would find no reason to condemn it.
    He considers quoting the Word of God as “set(ting) (one)self up as a moral judge of other people.”

    No one can reason with such a man. But we can pray for him.

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