Corporal punishment is out – and the outlaws are in!

A Deputy Headmaster at a primary school in Lancashire has decided not to return to his post, after a four month ordeal,  triggered by an accusation of  “assault” made by a defiant, rebellious pupil at the school.

The teacher was cleared of the assault charge but because of the traumatic experience he has endured ( and it is thought that he suffered a minor heart attack since the court case,) he will not be returning to his post.

It is very wrong that a teacher with an impeccable 41 year teaching career can be falsely accused by a juvenile delinquent and yet, the one who leaves the school is the teacher. The wretched, un-named boy is still a pupil at the school. He remains anonymous but there was no anonymity for the falsely accused teacher.

He described the boy as the “most disruptive and aggressive” he had encountered in his career. He had to be removed from classrooms after he was violent towards other children. In March last year, the boy ran amok, hitting ten classmates with his bag, pinning one to the wall, and yelling at teachers. The Deputy Head teacher was called upon to deal with the boy and, three days later, he told his mother that the teacher had hit him and,  though it beggars belief, some wooly liberal(s) BELIEVED him! His witless mother held forth on the departure of the teacher by stating that she was “glad to see the back of Mr……”

Since corporal punishment was outlawed in in 1998 ( and it has been outlawed in nearly all of Europe,) defiance of teacher’s authority and rebellious, disruptive behaviour is endemic. The solution to this problem is the restoration of corporal punishment, it WAS an effective deterrent and can be again and, if the teacher concerned had been permitted to mete out “six of the best” to that young rebel, calm would have been quickly restored, but the liberal establishment will shriek in horror at the thought of physical punishment being meted out to the “poor little dears,” and , that being the case, it is only a matter of time before another teacher is falsely accused by one of those whose “rights” supersede the rights of teachers to establish and maintain discipline.

PS   It has been drawn to our attention that the case of the teacher highlighted in our post was not a case of corporal punishment. It is a fact that the teacher did not mete out corporal punishment, however, the point we were making is that the outlawing of such punishment makes it more likely that pupil’s will defy teachers’ authority and engage in lawless behaviour, because the effective deterrent i.e. corporal punishment, is now against the law, and many pupils, intoxicated with the power they have over teachers, cast off all restraint and behave in a disruptive, aggressive manner.
The teacher mentioned in our post found himself accused of assault when called upon to deal with an unruly pupil, and the charge would have been the same if he had used corporal punishment, so teachers are in a no-win situation.


8 thoughts on “Corporal punishment is out – and the outlaws are in!

  1. Well susie love, I guess this post really shouldn’t surprise me considering the love shown by you and your fellow psuedochristians who ‘witness’ (hatred) at Belfast pride. You lot after all use the holy book to literally hit people!

    I am however a bit disconcerted by your leniency! I would have thought you would have wanted to follow the example of scripture and have the child stoned to death! Are you sure six of the best as you describe it is enough Susan??

    Is a great example to teach children to resort to violence to sort their problems! Also a great lesson that the strongest physically can use force to impose their will on another! Maybe growing up in this system is what has led to do much wars and violence in the world!

    • Rob,
      You will see we have heavily edited your threatening post. With regards to the Magdalen Laundries, take your concerns up with the Roman Catholic church. We are Evangelical Christians. We have nothing to do with Roman Catholisicm, therefore we have nothing to do with the Magdalen Laundries.

      By the way, we’d like to put this question to you once again: are you a journalist? A yes or no answer would be appreciated. Have you something to hide?

      • Once again I would like to point out that i do not feel that my professional career is relevant to my personal musings on this forum! I do not post here in any professional or work related capacity!

        Also, you at your censorship again! I made no threats whatsoever only observations! Your editing of my post has made much of your response meaningless, as readers are unable to follow the debate! Did it not suit your purposes to have Christian abuse of woman and children made public?

      • Sorry – post now finished!

        Also Susie Anne

        You can’t divorce yourself from the abuse that went on by saying that the christians were not your variety of christian! No! In the north your ilk got involved! A Magdalene Asylum, including steam laundry, was operated by the Church of Ireland on Belfast’s Donegall Pass, with the home continuing into the 1960s, while the Presbyterian Church ran the Ulster Female Penitentiary.

        Not that these differences in name are important, as my reading of the bible makes all these decisions and sects wrong anyway, the bible teaching people not to say they belong to this group and that group but that they belong to the lord. So therefore christians are christians, full stop!

        • We most certainly can divorce ourselves from the wicked Magdalen Laundries. The Roman Catholic Church and the Irish State are responsible. You can take up your additional concerns with the C of I and the Presbyterian church. They must answer for the accusations you made against them. We are not members of any Church or denomination.

    • Rob, you did make a veiled threat and we still have your original post (in full.) As for stoning anyone to death, we do not advocate such punishment. That form of punishment applied to the Theocratic State of Israel in the time of Moses. We have to remind you yet again that we have the right to moderate all comments, so stop complaining about your comments being edited or deleted.

      • Susan. Yet again my posting has mysteriously disappeared when it did not serve your purposes! What is the point in you posting when you don’t allow a proper debate to take place?

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