Video showing harassment and attempted silencing of Christians opposing Belfast Pride 2011

A video can be found at the above link which shows Christians opposed to Belfast Pride being taunted and harassed by  a nuisance wearing a false face AND by disgusting women on a Slut March.

The video is of the 2011 Belfast Pride march whose ranks were increased by the “charming” Slut March, showing that birds of a feather really do flock together.

Those who view the video will see a group of Christians displaying Bible signs and, contrary to the accusations of one of our commenters  (he knows who he is,) they do not have bullhorns and it is THEIR lawful protest that is being disrupted by aggressive gays and feminists.

Now, our garrulous commenter, care to comment?

17 thoughts on “Video showing harassment and attempted silencing of Christians opposing Belfast Pride 2011

  1. I have no problem commenting – and i hope you will do me the courtesy of allowing me to post videos of the reverse. Please let me know if that is acceptable.

    I should point out that what you have shown is evidence of you protesting outside the remit of the ‘christian witness’ for which you gained permission from the Parades commission. At the time that video was taken your witness was supposed to be over and instead of being in your allotted place you had all moved forward to engage with the Pride Parade. I wonder if that constituted an illegal protest ?

    Your submission to the Parades Commission was

    Belfast Pride’s was

    As you can see you committed to be finished by 14:00 and Belfast Pride left custom House Square at 14:00 reaching the location of the video you have posted no earlier than 14:30.

    You not only were protesting outside the allotted time but were outside the area you had agreed to be contained in (which would have maintained separation and would have headed off the confrontation you fomented)

    So you aggressively engaged with the parade by direct confrontation with it in clear breach of commitments given and your submissions to the authorities..

    I look forward to your permission to post video of the abuse carried out by christians at Belfast Pride.

    At least with David McIlveen he stayed within the bounds of what he committed to and treated both the people on the parade and the law with respect and dignity.

    • golfieni,

      Sorry we have taken some hours to answer your questions but we have had a busy day. Yes, you may post the link to the video you mentioned which you state shows Christians acting aggressively at a witness against Belfast Pride.

      golfie, we must refute some of your assertions.

      1.The video on youtube we gave a link to was not filmed by any Christian who witnessed against Belfast Pride 2011. The individual who filmed the altercation was independent and not necessarily a Christian but he/she obviously believed we were being harassed.
      2.We did not organise the witness at the City Hall, therefore, we had no dealings with the Parades Commission, however, those who organised the City Hall Open Air did meet with the Parades Commission.
      3. The entire group of us at the City Hall were told to move by the PSNI at a certain time to facilitate Sinn Fein’s welcoming party for Belfast Pride.
      4.A few of us moved to the spot shown on the video to continue our witness. We were not parading so we did not need the permission of the Parades Commission to stand in one spot holding Bible signs.
      5.We have no connection to Rev.David McIlveen. If he wants to show “respect” to men dressed as women and women dressed as “sluts” that is a matter for him.

      • I will post the video in due course,

        As to your points

        1 – I don’t believe I ever suggested that a christian would be using an unnatural video camera so I don’t understand your point.
        2 – You may not have organised it but you took part and so are under the rules agreed by the person who did organise it.. If you don’t know the rules then that is no excuse.
        3 – You were told to move because your protest had reached it’s allotted time and the space was needed for the Lord Mayor to welcome the parade.
        4 – exactly a few of you moved and carried on your protest outside the commitments given to the parades commission for the conduct of your protest. You do need permission from the parades commission to protest against a parade and you are legally bound to behave within the agreement reached with that body. The fact that you did not know the rules or what was agreed is no excuse as I said. Ignorance is no defence as they say.
        5 – David McIlveen had the good sense to distance himself from the so called ‘christians’ outside the city hall years before.

  2. Brought back memories of a really good day out, my kids enjoyed themselves, they loved the music and the noise, it was a good day. God made them gay so blame god if you must, but for what? viva la difference!

    • Susie. Why u carrying out censorship again? It not suit your purposes to publish James’ post as he meant it in it’s entirety? Maybe he is revealing too much truth?

      • This you tube clip should be retitled – “a demonstration of christian love!” love your neighbour…… Really in evidence from this bunch of pseudo-christians.

        Listen again to the you tube clip 2.25 onwards. The homophobe standing beside susie appears to make a threat of physical violence – you are very lucky that I am a Christian ….. On your way to hospital.

        So we have illegal protest and threat of assault. Little wonder they had to be double caged the following year!

        • Rob,
          The Christian you referred to was simply stating a fact i.e. that Christian conversion changes people for the better. He was stating that he could exercise self-control because of his Christian faith despite being provoked, but he may not have had the same self-control in that situation if he had not been a Christian. As a former boxer, quite frankly, that pest in the mask might have been seeing stars on his way to the nearest A&E.

          • Susan. I guess that a so called christian protestor showing signs of agression should not be a surprise to any of us, as this is true to form! I recall in previous years bible bashing being taken to a whole new literal level by you fine examples of the love of christ!

    • James,

      When you said, “God made them gay,” who were you referring to, was it those on the Pride parade, or your children? We assumed you were referring to those in the parade. Are we correct in our assumption? If you were referring to those in the parade, then our commenter Glenn has misunderstood you, and his comments to you were based on that misunderstanding, and your comments (and Nicole’s comments) were in response to comments made by Glenn which were based on his understanding of what you said. We hope this explains our reluctance to approve your response to Glenn’s comment.

      Now, regarding your comment tonight, we will go to it now and edit it slightly and explain to you that you made incorrect statements in it.

  3. Shame on you susan for not publishing my comment to Glenn about his comment directed at my children…it did not serve your agenda eh? nor did my comment on the scene of your husband assaulting that gay man…I can however place such comments on the actual You Tube clip for all to see instead if you prefer and get friends to do the same. Once again…shame on you. One has to wonder just what your objective is here with this stupid, bigoted and intolerant blog. And you wont publish this, but you will read it all the same.

    • Now James, your comment is published for all to see. Regarding the video, you have married me off to the wrong man. The elderly gentleman is not my husband and he did NOT assault that pest of a man in the mask. If you wish to post comments on that Youtube video, that is a matter for you but you had better make sure of your facts before you do. In conclusion, James, our objective on this blog is to tell the truth about every subject we cover and we are sorry that you find it “stupid, bigoted and intolerant,” so why do you read it?

      • Susie. I don’t think James comment is published for all to see. I can’t see his comment where he talks about Glenn’s comment about his children or about the Assault on the gay man. Where are his original posts on these matters? I can’t find them. Perhaps in interests of being helpful you would cut and paste these unedited posts of his in reply to my message.

        JAMES -Susie stated recently the camera never lies. Please can you post you tube clips you refer to for all to see! Thanks in advance!

    • James,
      The only subject in your sentence was you children, who enjoyed the day at the parade. Then you said that “God made them gay.” Since there was only one subject mention, i.e. your children (I have no idea of their age), then the assumption would be that you were stating your children were gay. That is the context of my statement. That you indoctrinating them in the homosexual agenda is what made them gay.

      As Susan-Anne pointed out, if this was not your meaning then I misunderstood you. Perhaps you should be more careful in your grammatical structures.

      If your intent was to say that the marchers were made gay by God, that is still a lie. God didn’t even make anyone except Adam and Eve, and everyone else in the world came about by procreation. Whether or not people choose to be oriented towards homosexuality isn’t the issue. The issue is that every “gay” person chooses whether or not to have homosexual relations – no one makes them do so – it is always a choice. Don’t blame God for people’s choices.

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