Update on our efforts to highlight neo-genocide in South Africa with British Authorities

We have not forgotten South Africa but have continued to contact various Authorities with the hope that they will be concerned enough to intervene in the alarming situation in that country under ANC rule (or should that be “dictatorship?)

We contacted the British House of Lords and a member of that House (a Northern Ireland politician,) has responded, and we have informed him about the neo-genocide against whites in South Africa. We hope he will raise the matter in the House of Lords.

We contacted the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office several weeks ago  (via e.mail,)  but have had no response from them.

We contacted the British High Commission in South Africa and spoke at length to an official there (via telephone,) and he assured us he would contact us again but, to date, he has not kept his word.

We do hope this update provides some encouragement to the vulnerable, at-risk citizens of South Africa (white and black,) because, be assured that this blog is not a puppet of the mainstream media, neither are we politically correct. Our concern is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, because our example is the Lord Jesus Christ who is THE way, THE truth and THE way!

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