The eyes have it – a chilling look in to the eyes of New Sodom (and the camera never lies!)

A  website of an organisation called “Changing Attitude Ireland,” a group of homosexuals and homosexualists  in the Church of Ireland (Anglican denomination,) have posted a photograph of two well-known Northern Ireland “gay” activists, which was taken at a “service” to mark the 30th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in NI.

The link to the photo is

The two men in the photo are Jeff Dudgeon and Gerry Lynch. Mr Dudgeon is famous for the case  “Dudgeon  v  United Kingdom”  (1982) which led to the legalisation of homosexuality in NI. The other man in the photo is Gerry Lynch, obviously a member of the “clergy.”

Look closely at the eyes of the men in the photo. There is something evil and frightening about their eyes, and even if it is the fault of the camera or the lighting, we believe the photo gives an insight in to the evil heart of New Sodom. The mask has slipped and the terrifying reality of the dangers of the homosexual lobby is revealed!

Perhaps only Christians with spiritual discernment will see what we see, therefore a quote from Mr.Dudgeon will demonstrate verbally what we see with eyes enlightened by the Word of God.

By the way, Mr.Dudgeon was “honoured” in the 2012 New Years Honours List  (bestowed by the Queen) for his services to LGBT in Northern Ireland!

Speaking on 28th October, 2012, at the service to mark the 30th anniversary of the legitimising of deviancy, Mr.Dudgeon said,
“I have prospered, but our opponents in the “Save Ulster from Sodomy” campaign prospered mightily, becoming successive Northern Ireland First Ministers. Their campaign however failed, and it is they who are softening their now hard antagonism.”

Mr.Dudgeon also mentioned “gay” marriage (which he called “equal” marriage,) and he said,

“I have to say, I believe this last one (gay marriage) will not come easily or quickly to England with the House of Lords likely to reject it, nor will it come to Northern Ireland via the Assembly. The courts will be the motor for change, as before.”(end of quote)

Here we have the threat of court cases against those who oppose them, so even if the House of Lords reject gay marriage, the homosexuals will force their agenda on society using the legal system to do so. If the gay marriage Bill is defeated in the House of Lords, the homosexuals will turn to their friends in the legal system and in the Equalities Commission and in Europe with their cry of “discrimination!”

We close with the words of Pastor McCurry of the Wake-Up Herald,    “Wake up Pastors, Wake-Up Christians.”


8 thoughts on “The eyes have it – a chilling look in to the eyes of New Sodom (and the camera never lies!)

  1. There’s something strange about their eyes, all right. I don’t know if it’s a trick of the camera or what, but they look like… I was going to say “vampires” but their eyes aren’t red. Well, whatever they look like, they look weird.

  2. I have to agree, it looks odd. But it’s nothing to do with a “mask slipping” or anything of the sort. It’s just a problem with the light, the camera, or maybe it was edited.

  3. It is very obvious what the issue with the eyes is. They are both focussing on something to the left of the photo so we see lots of the whites of their eyes!

  4. “Perhaps only Christians with spiritual discernment will see what we see”

    Or perhaps only people with real psychological problems will think they see demons at every turn.

    You really have let yourself down here, you are beginning to sound madder than a march hare.

  5. The battle continues on this perversion and lobbying will continue to expose those within the church who fail to speak out for Biblical discipline on those within who have supported this both in the NI Assembly and at Westminster. Shame on David Ford and Naomi Long MP

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