Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees…. Isaiah ch.10 v.1

The result of the vote on homosexual “marriage,” yesterday in the House of Commons was,

400  said “yes”
175 said “no”

The homosexual lobby have succeeded in destroying Biblical marriage i.e real marriage, and they were aided and abetted by weak, cowardly politicians, the “ayes,”  the “villains of the piece.”

The pro-gay politicians have handed victory to the destroyers of marriage, because, be not deceived, the gay lobby have no real interest in marriage but they demanded the right to marry so marriage would become meaningless and ultimately, obsolete.

It appears that the militant homosexual, Peter Tatchell, has a sinister influence on David Cameron and some others in the Tory Party because there is an uncanny resemblance to Peter Tatchell’s words in a speech given by Mr.Cameron to his Party conference in recent times, when he stated that he supported gay marriage BECAUSE he is a Conservative. Similar words were written by Peter Tatchell in a communication with the Conservatives to influence them in favour of gay marriage.

So we might well ask, just WHO is in charge of the UK?

18 thoughts on “Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees…. Isaiah ch.10 v.1

  1. This is a very apt comment – We have not given up nor should we because
    this still must go through the House of Lords so we must continue to lobby
    vigorously. Psalm 118 v 8 and Jude v 3. Anyone living in east Belfast needs
    to contact the Clerk of East Belfast Presbytery and request that Naomi Long
    MP be disciplined by the Presbyterian Church. I understand that she is a member
    at Bloomfield PCI !

  2. Equality, fairness and reason triumph over bigotry, prejudice and delusion.

    A great day for Parliament and with a fair wind will go through the rest of the process fairly quickly. Then onto getting it in Northern Ireland.

    I am sure it fills everyone who contributes to this blog with pride to see the old prejudices and wrongs of the past swept away , misogyny, slavery, racism, segregation etc etc and now homophobia being confronted and faced down. Interesting to see the christians who were in support of the bill firmly pinning their colours to the mast showing that there is only a rump of the religious still clinging to their hatreds – of almost everything.

    Noah – was he in middle earth? – I’ll have to have a reread of Lord of the Rings.

    • Golfieni
      It is not “equality” to redefine the meaning of words so as to push one’s agenda; it is not “equality” to redefine an institution so as to ruin it (as was the goal of the homosexualists since the 1960s). Now that they have changed the definition of marriage to include same-sex unions, there is no logical justification to prevent legalizing polygamy or polyandry.

      “Homophobia” is a word made up to marginalize the opposition. I’d say it demonstrates “heterophobia” on the part of those using the word.

      It is not bigoted to call a spade a spade; it is not bigoted to disagree with someone’s immorality. If that is the case, then people like you are bigoted against heterosexuals. It is not hatred to call things wrong and immoral. Perhaps it is the hatred homosexuals have for heterosexuality that fuels their agenda?

      The only deluded people are those who believe homosexuality is equivalent to heterosexuality, or that same-sex fake marriages are equivalent to real marriages.

      • “It is not bigoted to call a spade a spade; it is not bigoted to disagree with someone’s immorality. If that is the case, then people like you are bigoted against heterosexuals”

        Where have I ever disagreed with the morality of a heterosexual. My parents are heterosexual and I do not disagree with their sexual morality. I don’t know of any homosexuals who disagree with heterosexuality.

        You really are twisting and turning to get yourself off the accusation of your bigotry and prejudice and this latest attempt is just mindboggling in it’s stupidity.

        It is not bigoted to disagree with equal marriage because you believe your god ordained it for men and women only – it is bigoted when you misrepresent, lie about, misuse research against an entire group of people etc to justify your belief. It is not what you believe but the means you use to justify it which is repugnant and bigoted.

        • Golfieni,
          You and your ilk are bigoted against heterosexuals. Admit it. That’s why you spew so much hate against us for saying same-sex fake marriage is an abomination. The homosexual agenda from the beginning has had the goal for destroying marriage – to make it of no value. THAT is bigotry against marriage. The only heterosexuals you agree with are the promiscuous ones who also think sex is for nothing but entertainment, and they see nothing wrong with have sex of any sort as long as they are having “fun.”

          And there has never been misrepresentation, lies, etc presented by me. Everything I have posted about homosexuality has been factual. There are greater health risks to homosexuals, there are greater emotional and psychological problems with homosexuals (probably because of the guilt knowing what they are doing is unnatural and perverse), children are damaged in many ways by being raised by homosexuals, etc. These things have been proven in study, after study, after study throughout the decades.

          It is a fact that homosexual relationships are NOT in any way equal to heterosexual relationships. That has nothing to do with prejudice or bigotry. One is not bigoted or prejudiced just because they present factual information.

          Are you against pedophilia? Then you are a bigot. Are you against bestiality? Then you are a bigot. If you think any one’s sexual proclivities are wrong, then you are a bigot.

      • Golfieni

        Congratulations! You have had a post rejected. Obviously Susie Anne feels she can’t respond to it so she tries to silence you instead! Then she launches a personal attack! Though if being incorrigible means you won’t start to believe her homophobic, racist, misogynist views then that is defiantly a good thing! Watch out the threat of a Swan Song will be next!

      • Glenn you obviously don’t understand the concept of academic riggor. You have quoted one childs words as reporte in a biased one sided publication. In reply let me quote to you a peer reviewed, academic study!

        Study: Gay Adoptive Parents Make Great Adoptive Parents
        Lindsay Abrams | Oct 22, 2012
        Adoption is an effective intervention for at-risk kids, and this holds true for those placed with gay and lesbian parents.

        PROBLEM: Should we allow highly at-risk children in the foster care system who are in need of homes and loving families to be adopted by homosexual couples? The quick answer is “yes,” but it’s always good to have some science to back that up.

        METHODOLOGY: This is the first study to compare children who were adopted out of foster care by gay men, lesbian women, and heterosexual couples, and to track their progress over time, explains lead author Justin Lavner, a doctoral candidate at UCLA. The researchers followed 82 children in Los Angeles County — 22 of whom were adopted by homosexual parents at the average age of 4 — and evaluated them after two months, one year, and two years after they were placed with their adoptive families.

        While studies have previously been done in which children who were adopted by gay parents as infants, the children followed here started out with a number of biological and environmental risk factors acting against them — like premature birth, prenatal substance exposure, and abuse or neglect — which the researchers identified from public records.

        RESULTS: Children in all three types of households benefited from adoption: on average, they made significant gains in cognitive development — their IQ scores increased by an average of 10 points — and they maintained stable levels of behavior problems. What’s more, the kids adopted by gay and lesbian parents actually started out with more risk factors, and were more likely to be of a different ethnicity than their adoptive parents, but after two years were on equal footing with their heterosexually-adopted peers.

        CONCLUSION: Co-author Letitia Anne Peplau put it succintly: “There is no scientific basis to discriminate against gay and lesbian parents.”

        IMPLICATONS: Over 100,000 foster children in the U.S. are in need of homes. A potential 2 million homosexual couples are interested in adopting, according to a 2007 study. Only 19 states (and the District of Columbia) allow gay couples to adopt. Even in states where it is legal, added Lavner, discrimination against gay parents makes them less likely to pursue adoption. The numbers — and now the scientific evidence — speak for themselves.

        The full study, “Can Gay and Lesbian Parents Promote Healthy Development in High-Risk Children Adopted From Foster Care?” is published in the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry.

      • MrandMrswhite,

        I thought you were well aware of the push from christians in Uganda (instigated and supported in it’s creation by both American and British so called christians) to promote ……….., Even if they are ultimately frustrated and the death penalty is removed from their shameful bill (which is by no means certain), it does not mean that that is not what they wanted and pushed for.

        You post all sorts of accusations and assertions with nothing to back them up (even after being requested for citations), especially with regard for your assertions about homosexual agendas and sexual revolutionaries, but seem to not apply the same standards to others. In addition the profitability of debate is to exchange views and debate (oftimes robustly) without fear of the opposing view. If you deem it unprofitable to debate with people who oppose you then that is not debate, it is preaching – you need to learn the difference. This blog is not a pulpit, the internet is not a church and you are not an oracle,

      • Glenn,

        You accuse Rob of posting from “homosexualists”and that this shows his lack of respect for academic rigour and then quote from christianist websites to counter it. You hypocrisy knows no bounds. For your information the report Rob quotes is academic research quoted from the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry published in the scholarly articles from Wiley Press.

        “Wiley-Blackwell is the international scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly publishing business of John Wiley & Sons, with strengths in every major academic and professional field and partnerships with many of the world’s leading societies. Wiley-Blackwell publishes nearly 1,500 peer-reviewed journals and 1,500+ new books annually in print and online, as well as databases, major reference works and laboratory protocols”

        I am not saying that they are perfect but I fail to see how you can call them homosexualists (is that a real word?) unless you think everyone who disagrees with you is homosexualist. That would be paranoia of delusional proportions ….. oh it’s Glenn, I forgot.


        “and it is NOT best for them to be restricted to an environment which is perverse and unnatural.”

        No one is suggesting that – just showing that they do as well when with same sex parents.

        I am sure you have peer reviewed evidence to prove that same sex parents are perverse and unnatural (which does not come from christianists as that would lack academic rigour) otherwise I would expect you to withdraw that comment or the Whites to delete it as it is an assertion with nothing to back it up.

        • golfieni,

          Regarding the harmful effects of “gay” parenting, we only have to consider the case of Lisa and Isabella Miller who were helped by Pastor Kenneth Miller (no relation.) The child was disturbed after visits to lesbian Janet Jenkins. The only way to protect the child from laws that were designed to place children in abnormal situations was to FLEE, in order to protect the child from future ordeals.

          Now, with reference to the other comment you sent today,

          We are editing it, golfieni, because we cannot permit you to misrepresent Christians in Uganda (and elsewhere,)in the matter of the Anti-Homosexual Bill. We will not publish links to articles that do so, neither will we publish links to atheist sites.

          We do allow people to disagree with us on this blog. You are a case in point. You disagree with us on almost everything, yet we approve most of your comments.

          We do provide evidence and links to articles we write, despite what you say and, as an example, you said you would like to read the report of the Global Commission of the UN and we gave the links, so why so many complaints?

        • Golfieni,

          You don’t understand irony, do you. He was complaining about the origin of the research I linked to, and I just made the same charge back in regards to HIS links. Perhaps you should read the whole thread before making such charges of hypocrisy. IT is liberals like you who are the rank hypocrites. It matters not how many journals and books an organization publishes – what matters is the ideology behind them. I daresay that there are hundreds of thousands of books and journals published by evolutionists which only promote their agenda with no factual evidence to support evolution.

          “Homosexualists” are those who support the homosexual agenda, whether they are homosexuals or just those who promote their activism. It was coined by someone researching the movement in years past, as a way of identifying one’s ideology on the subject. It is a much more sensical word than the nonsense word “homophobia,” which means fear of sameness, but is used to marginalize those who oppose the homosexual agenda.

          Same sex “parents” are same-sex couples, and that by definition makes them perverse and unnatural – by biology, let alone by design. And I provide some links to studies which were marginalized – for no reason other than they pointed to the facts about homosexual “parenting.” “Parenting is an activity similar to the one that conceived the child in the first place; it is incomplete when done without the active, loving, principled participation of a partner of the opposite sex.”

          Children do NOT do as well with same-sex “parents.” Common sense would tell anyone that. But those with the homosexual ideology to push could care less about what’s best for the children. That is the height of selfishness.

          One last thought: Since you are so virulently opposed to everything said on this blog, why do you bother wasting your time with it? Where is YOUR tolerance?

      • I guess my complaint would be that you won’t publish links which validate what I have said, you won’t publish links to atheist sites (why not ?), you edit posts which remove the assertion I have made (and the links which support it), you use derogatory adjectives at every turn (people are always vile, militant, ungodly, whoremongers etc etc), you allow Glenn free reign to say what he likes about homosexuals and then do not allow a robust defence,

        If you want to preach then do what every other evangelical site does and turn off comments because in reality they can’t cope with people disagreeing with them too.

        Is your faith so weak you have to silence other opinions? Are your assertions so vapid as to not stand up to proper scrutiny?

        I know the answer, you silence the answer.

        I did not misrepresent christians in Uganda, nor their instigators in America and the UK but no -one can discuss the truth about that for themselves here because you have seen fit to redact my posts in such a way as to censor that truth,

        In the words of a famous film

        “You can’t handle the truth”

        As to your book you reference, only someone who can only see one book would judge another group by one book – I have never read their book and have no interest in it, it has nothing to do with me. Do not judge me by someone else’s writing.

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