Geert Wilders

A commenter has highlighted the fact that Geert Wilders has liberal views on homosexuality. The commenter did not tell us anything we did not already know.

We mentioned Mr.Wilders in our post about the assassination attempt on an Islam critic today because he has been very courageous in telling the truth about Islam and his life is in danger from Islamists because of his truth-telling.

However, we are totally opposed to his liberal views on homosexuality and we find nothing to commend him in his support of the gay lobby.

Should  Mr.Wilders change his views on the gay agenda and oppose it, and make this information public, he may find that he requires protection from militant homosexuals just as he presently requires protection from militant Islamists.

In the 1980’s, homosexuals attempted to kill a Christian Pastor and his family in San Francisco.

Now there is a sobering thought on which to reflect.

8 thoughts on “Geert Wilders

  1. Interesting Susan. You have commented on my post on the previous tread here but you have not moderated it so others can comment. Perhaps this is just an oversight. In the interests of transparency and open debate can you please “approve” my posts so others can join in debate. Regards.

    • Sir,
      We are not approving your other two posts. We have addressed your comments in our post entitled “Geert Wilders” and the comment you made about our post on the gas explosion at the club has already been dealt with fully in comments on that article when it was posted. We are not going to repeat ourselves.

      • Interesting. Is that how you deal with those who disagree with your views. Try and silence them, instead of entering into debate and dialogue. First Wendy has her swan song and now me! Oh well, guess I will be able to publish without restrictions on my new blog! Wonder what I will call it……. Could be interesting……

      • Susie Anne.

        As promised above I will not be silenced. My post that was too hot for you to handle has been posted elsewhere! Since you like water fowl so much I will use an appropriate phrase – there is more than one way to skin a goose!

        • Rob,

          Do you not understand English, French, Welsh, Irish, Italian, Spanish, etc.? They all mean “goodbye”, in case you’re still in doubt.

          We will not publish a link to a vile blog. You can do that on your own blog.

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