Islam critic survives assassination attempt today

Lars Hedegaard, aged 70, and a critic of Islam, was the victim of an assassination attempt today at his home in Copenhagen, when a gunman fired at him.
He is shocked, but mercifully (and miraculously,) unhurt.

Mr.Hedegaard is the head of the Free Press Society and the International Free Press Society.

We do not know who is behind the murder bid, but we do know that Islam brooks no criticism and those who have the courage to oppose its goal of world domination often receive death threats!
A case in point is the courageous Dutch politician Geert Wilders who has to have 24 hours a day bodyguards, because he has spoken out against Islam.

Do these facts support the claims of those whose “religion” is multiculturalism, that Islam is “peace?”


9 thoughts on “Islam critic survives assassination attempt today

  1. So what is your complaint….? you denounce certain women as whores and gay people as abominations of nature, women who abort pregnancy as murderers – where do you stand as a christian person of peace and tolerance Susan? answer….you do not. Islamists just have different methods to you that is all. You and your opinions are just as repugnant and violent as Islamic extremists are in theirs. And before you call me ‘Madam’ let me just say that you are very aggressive when your own christian principles are questioned – you came across as extremely aggressive, shrill and confrontational on the Nolan show the other day. So do not point the finger! Wendy wrote a great article about that particular Nolan show on her blog as if you don’t already know. Yes, I read her blog and yours 🙂

    • Now Miss or Mrs. Nicole,

      Give me quotes from posts on our blog where I have used the words you state that I used i.e. “you denounce certain women as whores and gay people as abominations of nature, women who abort pregnancy as murderers.” I may have said that abortion is murder but I do not recall denouncing certain women as whores (perhaps you are referring to the post about the UN and the WHO) and I do not recall saying that gay people are abominations of nature although homosexual practice is certainly unnatural.
      Regarding peace and tolerance, I’m afraid you have a wrong understanding of Biblical Christianity. The Lord Jesus said He did not come to bring peace but a sword (not in the sense of the sword in Islam,) but a sword bringing division between those who believe in Him and those who do not. As for tolerance, well, Christians must not tolerate that which the Bible condemns.
      You say that our views are violent, not so! We do not advocate beheadings, stonings, limb amputations, female circumcision, need I go on?

      Yes I have read Wendy’s disgraceful insulting piece about my contribution to the Nolan show, and you seem to have a lot in common with her! Yes I was confrontational towards Kate Smurthwaite, a radical, militant feminist because she tried to shut down debate by equating my views with those articulated in Saudi Arabia. Finally, I beg to disagree with Wendy, I don’t believe that Kate Smurthwaite got the better of me, not at all. I believe that in me, she had met her match (and more.)

      • Also Susan, in your comments above you comment that “homosexual practice is certainly unnatural”. REALLY Susan. You obviously havn’t read the research that has studied how prevalent homosexuality is in the animal kingdom. I will give you one link below to get you started on your studies!

        Suppose the birds and the bees are now going to be labelled the gay lobby by you! Lol.

  2. Rob:

    Comparing humans to the animal kingdom is part of the problem. You want humans to act like animals with sex, but you don’t want them eating their young – or do you?

    Human beings are not animals. They are a specific “species” all to themselves, regardless of evolutionism. They have the ability to make moral choices, they have the ability to choose to act on impulses, etc.

    • Glenn, I didn’t dispute that Homo Sapiens is a distinct species, so very glad we can agree on something for once!

      However, I strongly suggest you go back and review your biology books though. From my recollection there are only six kingdoms: Plants, Animals, Protists, Fungi, Archaebacteria, Eubacteria.

      I know I am definately not a bacteria, fungi or plant…..

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