Pastor Miller and unexpected move to a New York prison

Pastor Kenneth Miller has been moved unexpectedly to a prison in New York.

He is now being held at the Essex County Jail in Lewis, New York.
His family live in Virginia and the distance  from their home to the prison is 634 miles and the approximate travel time is 9 hours 41 mins, therefore we must conclude that the practical difficulties involved in visiting the Pastor in prison are of little or no concern to the Judiciary.

18 thoughts on “Pastor Miller and unexpected move to a New York prison

  1. He should have thought about his family before he decided to break the law.

    Aiding and abetting in the kidnapping of children is a seriously depraved crime and I have no sympathy for him.

    Given your rant on the next Blogline about the UN and the WHO does is not seem hypocritical of you to be supporting a child napper? a crime which actually harms a child by tearing it away from one of it’s parents.

      • The other person was not a parent, had no legal rights. The judge in the case violated law for his decision.

        There is indeed a danger – letting a homosexual have children to raise is a danger to the emotional and psychological well-being of the child. The evidence has been published over and over, but homosexuals and homosexualists (supports of the “gay” agenda) deny it all, even though they know better. They lie to themselves the same way they about God.

      • They were in a civil union and the other person had court ordered visitation rights. The judge violated no law. Pastor Miller aided and abetted one person to rip a child away from a legal union and legal visitation rights in defiance of the law.

        There is no evidence which has been published to support your later statement unless you are referring to your usual bogus use of surveys and research. Only intellectually handicapped (handicapped by a blind belief in the garbage you are told by some zealots) cling to the idiotic position that there is. In fact the evidence, such that it is, actually points to a slightly better outcome for a child brought up by two women that by a straight couple, but the difference is really in the noise and is of no real world importance.

        When you quote evidence you really should also investigate the rebuttals as well. You really ought to look at how some of the people doing the research have commented on the kinds of conclusions you draw (including those researchers who have written to the types of websites you get your garbage from to request that they stop their dishonest manipulation of their work).

      • “You’d support slavery just because a law said it was okay”

        don’t be ridiculous, it is your bible that supports slavery and got it’s provisions into law – we are more enlightened now and reject that theological teaching.

        “And the only people who “rebut” the scholarly studies are the homosexualists who lie to themselves.”

        That is a lie. What is rebutted is the manipulation and cherry-picking of statements which right wing so called christian family organisations do (and you parrot) and it is rebutted by the people who did the research. You shame your religion with your will-full ignorance of reality.

        The Regnerus study does not show what that article claims (and you know it) and those claims have been thoroughly debunked. Even the author will not say what you say. It compares children brought up in stable heterosexual families with those brought up in families where one of the parents has caused the breakup. It (and you) dishonestly claim that it is a comparison to homosexual families, it is not. No comparable same sex families (where the parents where together from the child’s birth and stayed together in a stable family unit) where used to compare to the heterosexual family. This is exactly the kind of bogus research and dishonesty of which you are guilty.

        Glenn, there is not a single one of those links which contain anything except anecdotes, bogus claims and complaining about persecution. If you have a brain then use it and actually look at the evidence not the garbage fed to you from the usual christian apologists and “traditional marriage” campaigners and see who in this debate is peddling lies.

      • “We’ve been through this before. The Bible does NOT support slavery”

        Yes it does – you just can’t accept it and have revised your rhetoric to try and make it appear that it doesn’t but the christians of the time used the bible to justify it just as you use the bible to justify your discrimination. You are just like them stuck in your hatred and prejudice.

        “The Regnerus study has NOT be debunked”

        Yes it has – if you would read beyond the fodder you consume you would know that (i think you do) – but you are scared to in case you find that you are wrong.

        Adding more links with unsubstantiated and unevidenced opinion does nothing to advance your case – look beyond your tribal religious walls and see real evidence. You have clearly exhibited your lack of knowledge of homosexuality, science, psychology, biology and research methods but there is hope even for you if you use you brain instead of handing it over to hate groups to do your thinking for you.

        • Golfieni,
          Again, the Bible does NOT support slavery. But you wouldn’t know because you don’t read it or can’t understand what you read.

          You can continue to deny the truth – and the truth is that there is NOTHING good which comes from homosexuality. Stick your head in the sand, plug your ears, close your eyes, and keep yelling, “I can’t hear you” but the truth will always be there.

          My knowledge of all those issues is quite good, thank you. You deny it because you deny the truth.

        • golfieni,

          Please read our archive post of 30th October,2012, entitled, “Angela – Still “angry” after all these years,” because it mentions the harmful effects of “gay” parenting on children.

      • It mentions a statement from a Dr. Dean Byrd – I assume the same Dr. Dean Byrd from NARTH which is one of the places that Glenns garbage originates. NARTH have no scientific or medical credibility as they are driven (by religious prejudice) to deny anything positive said about homosexuals and like Glenn continue to use junk science and research even when they have been expressly told by the scientists involved in the research that their claims are complete nonsense.

        Given that – I fail to see what relevance your referenced post has since it does not contain any factual information and seems more intent on demonising people.

        Glenn I was wrong it my last post – there is no hope for you. You are even self deluding about you knowledge now and not just the quackery peddled to you from your local snake oil salesman. I know many homosexuals with children which have their family due to homosexuals and for you to say those children are not good just shows the depth of your blind hatred and prejudice. Thankfully you are a dying breed and humanity is shaking off your religious control attempts and thinking for itself. No one who actually understands humans could state what you just have (but then you don’t understand humans you only understand a book of myths)

      • I have already addressed them – he (and NARTH of which he was president) doesn’t have any findings (except junk research) to back up his opinion. There is nothing he (or NARTH) have said that has any credence in the real world on this subject. Byrd was the foremost promoter of conversion therapy within the mormon church. If you believe that he was successful in praying away the gay then you must give credence to his religion (as opposed to your own) in that you believe his god answered prayers. There is no credible peer reviewed evidence to suggest that same sex parents cannot be every bit as good as opposite sex parents that fact makes Byrd’s statement and his opinion wrong.

        Glenn, Thank you for your opinion of me but just like Dr Byrd it is an unresearched and prejudiced opinion. It is kind of what I expect from you.

        • Golfieni,
          Well, you opinion of me is also unresearched and very prejudiced.

          Anyway, the FACT is that a child needs a mother AND a father. Homosexual couples cannot teach children anything about a normal sexual relationship, and that in itself is harmful enough.

        • golfieni

          It is obvious that you believe that any research that finds ANYTHING harmful or negative about the homosexual lifestyle is “junk research,” therefore we have to conclude that the only research findings you will accept are those that are “gay-affirming.” You cannot handle the truth therefore you are running away from it. By the way, we do not believe that Mormonism is Christian, but we are not going to allow you to lead us into another discussion on Mormonism. You will remember the lengthy debate we and Glenn had with you in the NewsLetter comment section last year.

      • MrandMrsWhite,

        If there was any proper research or science which “that finds ANYTHING harmful or negative” about homosexuality and which has a causal connection with orientation then I would have to accept it, but as there is not so I do not. In fact I have not presented any information which does anything but show that sexuality/orientation has no effect on the ability to parent or for the outcomes for the child. That is not affirmation it is just accepting that gay people are no better or worse than heterosexuals. You may not like that but unfortunately for you it’s the case.

        That does not change the fact that the evidence Glenn (and you) promote is junk science.

        You can conclude what you like – but neither you nor Glenn have provided any real evidence for your views.

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