The MAC in Belfast pays homage to notorious radical Andy Warhol!

The MAC in Belfast, Northern Ireland, will soon host an exhibition of the works of the obscene “artist,” Andy Warhol.

They are delighted to have the opportunity to display such bizarre, obscene images and paintings etc., and they are permitted to do so because it is disguised as “art.” In the 1960’s, some theatres in USA, were raided by police because they were showing obscene films made by Warhol.

Here is a quote from the MAC about Andy Warhol’s work,  ” the power of his work comes from its focus on fundamental human themes – the beauty and glamour of youth and fame, material culture, the passing of time and the presence of death.”
This is double-speak and a sanitised version of the truth.

Andy Warhol  (1928-1987), was a homosexual,  and the themes that dominated his paintings and films were nude males, sexual anarchy, homosexuality and transsexualism. His studio was the scene of drug-fuelled orgies.
It appears that the MAC omitted to mention these facts in its promotional material, therefore they are either ignorant (difficult to believe), or they are evil (they are sexual revolutionaries just like Mr. Warhol)!

P.S., the MAC stands for the Metropolitan Arts Centre.

8 thoughts on “The MAC in Belfast pays homage to notorious radical Andy Warhol!

  1. I honestly didn’t know this was coming to Belfast. I am so pleased you let me know. I am a long time fan of his work and even have the Campbell’s Soup one in my study (replica not original obviously).

    I see it’s on till April 28th so I have plenty of time to go for a look.

  2. For the benefit of those who, like me, didn’t know what the MAC was, apparently it is the Metropolitan Arts Centre.

    Let’s hope that there’s more canned soup and Marilyn Monroe, and less of the sort of material that might deprave or corrupt (for example) Golfieni, if he attends the exhibition.

    • Perhaps Susie babes could attend the exhibition, leaving her prejudices at home and write us a review of it from her first hand experience, rather than just regurgitate the views others are feeding her. You up for challenge Susie? I would be quite happy to meet you, have a walk round exhibition and buy you a coffee afterwards. There is a very nice food establishment in the MAC! By the way I am first aid trained in case you collapse from the immorality of the sight of a painting of a can of soup or a cow!

        • Sir,
          This foolishness must stop. The only time we (the Whites) would go anywhere near the MAC is to engage in a Christian witness against it. By the way, the MAC did not tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, about Andy Warhol so we felt a reality check was needed and how does telling the truth about Mr.Warhol equate with regurgitating the views of others, we are quite capable of looking at the evidence and drawing our own conclusions.

      • Does that suggest that it is not the Warhol exhibition you object per se to but the very MAC itself. The MAC described the exhibition it was putting on what truth did they leave out. When you do you christian witness to you also supply a complete biography so that people know the whole truth about you.

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