Pastor Miller remains steadfast and unyielding before the Grand Jury today!

We are thankful to our friend in USA for another update on the case of brave Mennonite Pastor Kenneth Miller. After a week in prison following his refusal to testify before a Grand Jury, the Pastor was back in Court today.

The outcome was that he was returned to prison again for refusing to tell a Grand Jury what they want to know.

We wish to quote the Pastor’s eloquent, moving words in Court today,  “If I were to bring testimony against a fellow member of Christ’s kingdom, for honouring Christ’s kingdom’s laws, I would be disloyal to his kingdom and to Christ.”

The Pastor will be sentenced on 4th March, for his part in helping a mother and child to flee the USA.

Ominously, the Judge at today’s Grand Jury hearing, Judge Sessions, said that the Pastor’s continual refusal to testify would be taken into account when he is sentenced.

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