Muslim stabs sister over 100 times – his punishment? 8 years in liberal Sweden “prison!”

A  19 year old girl was brutally murdered by her 16 year old brother in her apartment in Landskrona, Sweden, on 23rd April last year. The appalling murder was described as an “honour” killing by the Court, and the savage killer (now 17) was sentenced to eight years in prison on Tuesday of this week.
Whatever happened to the concept of the punishment fitting the crime?

The dangerous teenage muderer is an Iraqi Kurd and a Muslim ( what a shock !) and he is apparently “in shock” over what his misguided  lawyer described as an “extremely harsh” sentence and plans to appeal!

If the appeal is successful (and that is a grim possibility in liberal Sweden,) does he expect this butcher to walk free after four years (or less?)

This muderer should be facing a death sentence or life imprisonment for the torture-murder of his defenceless sister and such sentences would send a warning to other Muslims in Sweden who may have murder in mind, that such wicked acts of violence will be met with the full force of the law.
Is it likely (or possible) for liberal Sweden to adopt a “tough on crime” policy when multiculturalism  i.e  no culture is any better or any worse than another, dictates public policy and influences the sentences handed down by Judges?

4 thoughts on “Muslim stabs sister over 100 times – his punishment? 8 years in liberal Sweden “prison!”

    • She doesn’t expound about the 7 year old boy murdered (beaten to death) in the states by his christian (what a shock) parents for not reading his bible. That happened just before Christmas, probably an early present.

      Following the logic of the above post by Mrs White and the similar actions by chrstians we can deduce that their religion is dangerous. who would have thought it – oh anyone who religion persecutes. I hope the American judicial system sends the type of warning to christians that Mrs White wishes Muslims to get in Sweden.

      The only thing I agree with is that the sentence is too light – although I wouldn’t want to go as far as biblical punishment as even in the death penalty it is inhuman.

      • The case you refer to is horrific and to think of a child suffering such violence and having no escape, is heartbreaking. The mother and stepfather of the child are a wicked, cruel pair and they deserve a very long prison sentence. Their claim to be Christian is truly suspect and anyone can claim to be a follower of Christ but the Lord Jesus Christ said “by their fruits ye shall know them” and again He said that a corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit. This couple could not bring forth good fruit i.e good works because they were and are corrupt.

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