Did the Oxford Union deliberately or unintentionally misinform Pastor Scott Lively ?

We have an update on the anticipated  speaking engagement for Pastor Scott Lively which was due to take place on 1st February, 2013, at the Oxford Union. The meeting has been CANCELLED as the organisers are now saying that it would be “logistically impossible” to arrange another meeting. The Pastor has not been given another date. His travel plans are made and he will still travel to the UK,  but not to address the students at the Oxford Union. He will meet with Christian organisations and, possibly, a group of Pastors instead !

Pastor Lively was originally given the date of 31st January as the date for the debate but the Oxford Union website clearly stated that it would take place on 17th January so some friends in the UK informed the Pastor of the confusion. The official confirmation sent by  the OU to Pastor Lively all clearly stated that the debate was on 31st January and no correction was ever made.

Pastor Lively sought clarification from the OU and they admitted their mistake but said they could do nothing about it !

In light of this fiasco, the OU reluctantly agreed to hold a special event on 1st February so the Pastor could speak to students, but now it has been cancelled  (logistically impossible) and, a further suggestion from him that they organise a casual Q & A with a handful of students has also been deemed “logistically impossible.”
It seems to us that there are only two possibilities that explain the actions of the Oxford Union in this troubling debacle. Either they are bungling, disorganised amateurs when it comes to matters of speaker invitations   OR  they are devious and manipulative and never intended to allow Pastor Lively to take part in their debate and made use of his name to garner publicity for their event. Whichever is true, they have done nothing to put right a great wrong done to Pastor Lively.


One thought on “Did the Oxford Union deliberately or unintentionally misinform Pastor Scott Lively ?

  1. Thankyou Susan – very strange indeed as I had spread the word to all my contacts in the greater London area. Some contacted the OU directly after Christian Voice advised of the mix up. Satan is certainly active yet I praise God that he and the sodomite movement are defeated foes !

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