Pastor Miller, we salute your courage, truly they are persecuting a righteous man!

A US District Judge, William Sessions, today ordered that Kenneth Miller, a courageous, God-fearing Mennonite Pastor be kept in custody for one week because he refused to answer Grand Jury questions about his role in helping a mother and daughter to flee the USA to protect the child from a lesbian, her mother’s former “partner” who was seeking shared custody.

Judge Sessions is hoping that a week in custody will lead to a change of mind on the part of the Pastor and that he will then be willing to answer their questions so they can then target other Christians and persecute them for obeying God rather than men like Judge Sessions.

The dear Pastor was convicted last year of charges that he helped the mother and child to escape to a place of safety.

It appears that the liberal establishment are determined to make an example of Pastor Miller, as a warning to others who attempt to thwart the homosexual lobby in its stated goal to silence all opposition to its monstrous demands that we all embrace deviancy as normality.

May Almighty God strengthen and vindicate His suffering servant Ken Miller.

18 thoughts on “Pastor Miller, we salute your courage, truly they are persecuting a righteous man!

  1. You need to be bit more accurate – the pastor was found guilty of aiding in the kidnap of a child. It matters not what you think of the mothers – the pastor was found guilty of a crime and yet you support him.

    If it was a heterosexual couple involved as opposed to two lesbians (one who has “found god” and decided conveniently to forget she was a lesbian too) you would not have the same opinion. I think this story shows just how damaging to relationships belief in gods can be and how damaging evangelical christians can be in their need to convert people to their particular delusion.

    As ever your prejudice against LGBT people and your unstinting support of christians (no matter what they have done) is first and foremost in your biased reporting.

    I see David Tweed (someone you tried to cast in the role of a victim) has got 8 years. Is he too a dear christian persecuted for carrying out gods work?

    • golfieni,

      Please read once again the post we wrote about David Tweed, as you are misrepresenting us yet again. Pastor Ken Miller has committed no crime. He obeyed God rather than men.
      The true Christian will suffer persecution just as Pastor Miller is presently enduring.

      We read in the Gospel of John in the New Testament these words, “If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my sayings, they will keep yours also. But all these things will they do unto you for my name’s sake, because they know not him that sent me.” John ch. 15 verses 18 – 21.

      • Miller did commit a crime and he was found guilty by a jury. He has suffered no persecution. There is only the law of man,

        Religious belief is not a defence in law (mainly because it’s not real and there are so many of them that anyone could claim religious reasons for doing anything). The law is there to protect people, in this case a child, from religiously inspired harm.

        Fortunately, in many cases, the law supports morality far superior to that in your book of stuff. What you read in your gospel is irrelevant to the case.

    • “Heterosexual couple?” If you marry a person who has a child, you don’t automatically get full parental rights over that child. You may adopt that child as your own if you go through the process, but just because you are married to a parent doesn’t legally make you a parent.

      Isabella is Lisa’s daughter. Ms Jenkins has no direct familial relationship with Isabella– not biological, not adoptive. The whole thing is a legal fiction invented by Big Gay.

      • Thank you, David Malbuff, for bringing some sanity to this conversation.

        And I can speak from experience that marrying a person with a child does not automatically give parental rights. My parents divorced and my mother remarried. Her new husband had to petition the court for adoption rights with my father dissenting. But my stepfather won because my father had not even provided child care for years, nor had he even seen the two girls in question during the time he denied child-care. (There were five of us, but only the youngest were adopted – us older ones didn’t want to change our last names, nor did we like the man our mother married.)

  2. Golfieni, you cannot argue with people like these and they are incapable of informed discussion because their religious beliefs warp their sense of logic and reason and there is no logic or reason in religious thought. She can only answer, as she always does, a difficult question by quoting a bible passage, which goes to show how very little these people can actually think for themselves. When you become one of them you cease to think rationally and independently, you forever quote other peoples words and thoughts rather than produce your own. That they cannot see this is proof itself.

    • Sir,
      You made a threatening remark in your comment of 23.1.13, which reads thus, “But I think you have it coming to you anyway from what we know….”
      We responded to your menacing comment demanding that you state clearly what you were hinting at. This you have not done and you think it can be ignored and brushed under the carpet, as evidenced by your comment this morning in which you had a lot to say about us and NOTHING to say about your veiled “threat” or your knowledge of an existing threat to us. Until you deal with this matter, we will not approve comments from you on any other subject.

  3. Susan,

    Am amazed to find you supporting this so called pastor in his defiance of gods law. Is amazing how some Christians appear to pick and choose those parts of their book they want to follow and quote, usually to put others down. Just to remind you,
    1 Peter 2 says:
    13 Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether to a king as the one in authority,
    14 or to governors as sent by him for the punishment of evildoers and the praise of those who do right.

    What you think Susan, should he continue to not submit himself to the court in defiance of his and your gods word?

  4. Rob,
    You also need to read Acts 5:29. When man’s law violates God’s law, then we do not have to obey man’s law. That is why Christians could protect Jews in Nazi Germany.

    The law in this case violates God’s law. The only thing Christians have to be willing to accept is the consequences for standing for God’s law over man’s law. If prison is the end of it, so be it. But it is indeed persecution for obeying God rather than men.

      • Also Susan. I see you are editing my posts again without highlighting that you have done so. I note you have also not given me the courtesy of a reply!

        • Rob,
          You were requested to refrain from using overly-familiar forms of address previously. This you have not done, so we have edited out the undesirable forms of address. Regarding your question, you are right, we have not as yet answered it. But we assure you, we will do so tomorrow.

        • Rob,
          We believe that Pastor Miller is right to disobey man’s law when it defies God’s law. Christians are to be good citizens and obey the law but when the law we are required to obey is against God’s law, we must not obey it because we are first and foremost citizens of the heavenly kingdom and our citizenship is in heaven. The Bible states that those that rule must be just and must rule in the fear of God and, if we had such rulers, they would frame laws that uphold the law of God (see 2 Samuel ch.23 v. 3.)

      • It is not an inconsistency to say follow the commands of men, unless they contradict the commands of God. How you consider that to be inconsistent is beyond my comprehension. God has given the government duties, but the duties do NOT include violating God’s commands.

      • There is no inconsistency between the verses quoted in 1 Peter and the selfsame Peter’s own declaration that “We ought to obey God rather than men.”

        Pastor Miller obeyed God. And he has also submitted himself to the human institution of the civil law. Did he obey the ruling and go to jail peacefully? Yes, he did. It seems your kind will not be satisfied unless and until he says, “I was wrong.” Yet nowhere are we called to apologize for obeying God, even if such obedience lands us in prison.

        Had you been around in 1956 or so, it would have been interesting to see you try your lame arguments out on Dr King in the Birmingham jail.

  5. Religion and ‘belief’ are the two most dangerous things in the world today. They are responsible for almost all of our ills, including 9/11. Those people were obeying their ‘god’s’ laws over the laws of man were they not?

    • Biblical Christianity does not command the killing of unbelievers, unlike Islam, which forces submission at the point of a sword. Your observation about religion and belief i.e that they are dangerous, is certainly true of SOME religions and beliefs, but it is NOT true about Biblical Christianity. Christians persuade others to embrace the Gospel of Christ, they do not threaten those who reject the Christian faith with beheading, again unlike Islam. The 9/11 Islamic terrorists WERE obeying the teachings of their religion when they planned and executed the mass murder of thousands on that terrible day. Those terrorists viewed their victims as “infidels” worthy of death. Islam taught them to view non-Muslims as such. Christianity does not view unbelievers as worthy of death in this life.

      • You appear to know very little about Islam. The perpetrators of attrocities like 9/11 bend their religious teachings to suit their own narrow interpretations. You need to also look at those who bend the Bible’s teachings to justify their personal beliefs. For example those who condemn aborrtion and use violence and intimidation to further their causes. You also perhaps need to consider how the Christian religion justified, in their own eyes, the massacres of the crusades.

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