South African Court grants bail to one of four men accused of Mangaung plot

Hein Boonzaaier, one of four men arrested in December, 2012, was granted 80,000 rand (8,916 dollars) conditional bail at Bloemfontein Court in South Africa today.

The other men, Johan Prinsloo, Mark Trollip and Martin Keevy remain in custody  until March 25th, 2013 when they will return to court.

We are disappointed for the three men (and their families) as we believe all four were entitled to bail, having been in custody since December 16th, 2012.

7 thoughts on “South African Court grants bail to one of four men accused of Mangaung plot

    • Sir,
      what about the concept of “innocent until proven guilty”, plus the fact that two of the men have medical conditions? Do you know anything about the near-genocide of whites in South Africa? Do you know that whites have been sodomised in prisons and that some whites have died in police custody?
      Will you please translate the last few words of your comment, but ONLY if they are not offensive.
      Will you also google the following link and see that South Africa is at stage 6 in the stages of a coming genocide and you will also see a video of Jacob Zuma singing “Kill the Boer.”

      • The phrase in Xhosa mentions Fort Napier, and is most tactful paraphrased as, “You cannot be serious” (in suggesting that defendants charged with conspiracy to commit a treasonous murder qualify for bail).

        I am shocked at the singing of that particular traditional folk song in the 21st century, which the South African Supreme Court (I have just learnt) has ruled is “hate speech”, proposing even to outlaw the publishing of the words of the song. I much prefer Nkosi sikelele iAfrica.


        I will have to catch up on the rather alarming news from South Africa, the country in which I got married to my second wife, who passed away in 2006.

  1. President Jacob Terrorist Zuma from the ANC Terrorist Goverment in South-Africa is talking at Davos, Switzerland, about the unequalities, he is only talking about his (Black) people, look what is the Bail of the Rioters in Sasolburgs Bail, they were looting and damaged buildings like savages. They don’t pay bail to amounts of R80000-00. He was not talking about the corruption within the ANC Terrorist Goverment, he build himself a palace of more than R250-000 000-00 Mil Rand. While people do not have jobs in townships in South-Africa. The doner countries must stop donating money to South-Africa, the money that the ANC Terrorist Goverment receives is not spent equally between white and blacks in South-Africa. He does not speak about joblessness according the race groups, in South-Africa the Terrorist Goverment discriminate against the white minorities by means of EE/AA. It is now going on for 18 years, while the ANC Terrorist Goverment could have used funding of state money to set up for black business people. Black people do not want to run their own businesses, farms were bought for black upcoming farmers, the farms are now looted and nothing left on it. The black just want everything, they think if you have land you are rich, they dont want to word and just want it because it belongs to a white person. They are racist , worse than it was before 1994. The whites was not even so racist. You cant mix the white and black race… it is like putting a rat with a snake……. The black majority do not want to share anything with the white minority. President Jacob Terrorist Zuma said this early in 2012 ” The Majority have more Rights than the Minorities” . The ANC Terrorist Goverment do not comply with the Constitition of the Country. With all the ANC Terrorist Goverment Rallies that sing the Song ” Kill the Farmer Kill the Boer” Nice . Is this a Democratic Goverment. Does President Obama sing a Song ” Kill the White Americans Kill them” President Jacob Terrorist Zuma and he Pre – Assessor President Thabo Mbheki should go on Trial for Genocide which was committed since 1994. Both of them was singing the song ” Kill the Farmer Kill the Boer” . Hundreds of White People were killed by Blacks since 1994 in the Most Brutal and Barbaric manner. In South-Africa they also implimented Stricter Gun Laws and Hundreds of Guns were destroyed, unarming the White Population, now the Criminal Blacks are Killing Hundreds of White People and you hear seldom on National Television SABC of Black Criminals that was arrested for being in Possession of Unlicenced Fire Arms. When Whites are in possession of Unlicenced Firearms, you Quickly hear of it on the National Television. The ANC Goverment is only intrested in your Money , the give a **** if you are White, because they dont want to Change their Attitudes towards Whites. Whites are according to them White Trach……. Stay away from Donnating Money, let them work for it………

    • Ben,
      Thank you for your comment, and we continue to do all we can to highlight the situation in South Africa regarding those who are suffering under ANC rule, be they white or black.
      However, when making your comments, kindly refrain from using bad language. We are first and foremost Christians, and all other concerns come after our concern that our blog is honouring to the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Madam, What do you mean by “racist?” When ANC President Zuma sings “kill the Boer” what is he? Provide one shred of evidence that we are “racist” and supporters of terrorism. We don’t understand why you keep reading our blog when you refuse to see/hear the truth?

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