Sex Therapist Gary McFarlane – A Persecuted Christian?

Gary McFarlane, a former counsellor with Relate, lost his case for unfair dismissal at the European Court last week.

His case has intrigued us, because we cannot understand why a Christian would ever want to work for an organisation like Relate, which “counsels” unmarried heterosexuals as well as “gay” couples, and offers “sex therapy” to both!

It appears that the only “crisis of conscience” experienced by Mr.McFarlane was the possibility that existed that he might have to provide “sex therapy” to homosexuals and this was the reason for his dismissal.

Why would any Christian want to work in such an ungodly, amoral, non-judgemental organisation?

Mr.McFarlane had no difficulty providing therapy and counselling to heterosexuals living in sin and he had no difficulty giving “emotional therapy” to homosexuals!

He claims to be a Christian, therefore he had no business working with, and implementing the policies of, a vile, God-defying organisation.
The European Court upheld Relate’s decision to dismiss Mr.McFarlane. He obviously wanted to continue working with Relate on condition they make some accommodation for his “Christian” faith and the conflict he would face if forced to give sex therapy to gays.

We cannot understand Mr.McFarlane and his claim that he is a Christian, as a true Bible-believing Christian would and should find organisations like Relate abhorrent and shun such as an example of the Bible description of “an unclean thing.” We are warned in Scripture to “touch not the unclean thing” and Mr.McFarlane should be rebuked for disobeying this (and many other) Bible admonitions!

14 thoughts on “Sex Therapist Gary McFarlane – A Persecuted Christian?

  1. Hmm,

    “Why would any Christian want to work in such an ungodly, amoral, non-judgemental organisation?”

    I guess you are of the judgemental type. I thought it was up to your god to judge, not you. I thought there were penalties for judging – like being judged by your god.

    I guess you think the Christian Legal Centre who funded and pursued McFarlands doomed case are not true christians either.

    Are there any other christians other than you and that pathological ignoramus Glenn?

  2. Golfieni,

    Good ad hominem attack!

    Um, God calls on all of us to be “judgmental.” Perhaps you need to read the Bible once in a while. By the way, you are very judgmental – as demonstrated by your name-calling. You are such a blatant hypocrite.

    • Glenn – you need to learn your fallacies.

      I make no claims to be non-judgemental nor to I subscribe to any delusion which requires it therefore I fail to see the hypocrisy,

      As for the bible – I have read it and it’s way too contradictory, hateful, prejudiced and plain weird to have a place on my bookshelf. I would offer Lord of the Rings as a better alternative if you want a bit of good v’s evil fiction and the good guys have far better morals than most of the so called good guys in the bible (The Jesus character wasn’t too bad it’s just a pity so few take him as a role model, or mega fail in the attempt. I see little of his influence around this blog)

      • Golfieni,
        Hypocrisy is doing what you accuse others of doing, e.g., calling people “judgmental” while being “judgmental” against them.

        I well know logic fallacies, and your name calling without addressing the argument is an ad hominem fallacy.

        All you atheists claim the Bible has contradictions, and yet every thing you claim has been explained over and over. There is nothing contradictory in Scripture. What is contradictory is people like you claiming a particular world view but not living in accordance with it.

      • Glenn – getting even christians to agree what the bible says is like herding cats. You cannot even agree amongst yourselves hence the 38,000 denominations. If it wasn’t contradictory then there would be no need to disagree.

      • I have a great deal of knowledge of the christian faith – I used to be one until I realised that having stopped believing in Santa, the Easter Bunny and faeries that the reasons for that disbelief applied to gods as well. You apply the same reasoning to your disbelief in all other gods but yours and just don’t see the irony of it. No amount of caustic comments from you will make me give up my opposition to your misrepresentations, bogus sciences and made up nonsense. You are welcome to your beliefs but if you want to make false statements about me then be prepared to back them up with real evidence (not the rubbish you have posted so far which has all been fully debunked) or be prepared for people not to give it up to your tactics and agenda.

      • If you wish me to stop talking about christianity, which I actually do very little of as it is of no interest to me, because you think I know diddly squat then perhaps you should stop talking about homosexuality about which you know diddly squat and I am quite an expert.

        Here’s the deal – you stop using your christianity and the bogus nonsense that your pious group of ‘biblical scientists’ make up against my homosexuality and I will stop pointing out the delusions and quackery of your religion.

        • Golfieni,
          Ah, so you want to compare a philosophy, e.g. religious belief, with medical and scientific studies? Belief to be compared with facts?

          The medical and scientific facts are out there for all to read and study, and it has been demonstrated empirically that homosexual behavior is medically and psychologically harmful, and biology demonstrates what the sexual organs are used for – and the anus was never designed for use of penetration, rather it was designed for expelling.

          I know just as much about homosexuality as you do. One doesn’t have to be a pervert to study the documents from both sides of the fence. You, and all of your ilk, are in denial so you can justify perversion.

  3. “we cannot understand why a Christian would ever want to work for an organisation like Relate, which ‘counsels’ unmarried heterosexuals as well as ‘gay’ couples, and offers ‘sex therapy’ to both!”

    I understand why somebody might say this. Perhaps the following is also why you have said this.

    Many believers for whom the bible is the final authority, simplify the message of the whole of the bible on sexual morality. They simplify it to the following: The only genital sexual activity that isn’t immoral, is between a two people who are married to one another in the eyes of the government in power wherever the happen to be at the time, after a form of marriage approved by the government that only allows for monogamy that is intended to be lifelong.

    Such believers are therefore bewildered if, for example, refusing a double bed to a civil partnership, same sex couple in a bed & breakfast, is held by a court to be unlawful discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. It isn’t because the couple is homosexual that they have been refused a bed, they protest. It is because they aren’t married.

    The government is about to redefine the word “marriage” to include same sex “marriages”. When that happens, as well as destroying the B&B argument that failed in court anyway, churches will probably find that they either have to abandon conducting weddings, or they have to conduct weddings that the government doesn’t recognise as creating marriages for its purposes, even if the church wants to call them marriages.

    Gary McFarlane pleaded his religious rights, and lost. If he had instead pleaded his freedom of conscience, like (for example) the right an atheist pacifist has not to fight in a war, he might have won.

    Freedom of conscience is for everybody. Religious freedom is only for people with a religion, and it is open to the very criticism you bring against Garry McFarlane. You (probably) equate sex outside of modern government-approved marriage as immoral sex. That , an over-simplification of the message of the bible as a whole. You therefore denounce Gary as not being a “real” Christian, for taking a more liberal view than that. Therefore he is less entitled to object to giving gay couples sex therapy.

    But freedom of conscience is individual. One doesn’t have to be religious, or to toe the party line, in order to have freedom of conscience.

    • Freedom of conscience allows people a limited scope to not do things they are would be compelled to do otherwise like the draft. It does not apply to jobs which people can leave if they can’t do it or to B&B’s which they are not compelled to run.

      • Golfieni,
        So, you your book, no one is allowed to start any occupation, any business, unless they are willing to compromise their beliefs? If I start a business where I will play for weddings, and the fact is that same-sex unions are NOT marriage by any real definition of the word, and I do not want to play for same-sex unions, and perhaps I am even an atheist, I will never be allowed to turn down a “customer” who wants me to perform at a same-sex union?!?

        So, if someone wants me to perform in a strip club, by your reasoning I would not be allowed to turn them down without having to worry about legal action for “discrimination”?

        Personal rights mean nothing to your ilk. You yell “tolerance” from the rooftops, but refuse to tolerate someone who disagrees with you. You make me sick, you hypocrite.

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