Another Lawrence plays the “race card!”

Stuart Lawrence, the brother of the murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, is playing the race card (just like his very skilled mother Doreen has done) and has lodged a “racism” complaint against the Metropolitan Police in London.

He claims he has been stopped by Police 25 times (or thereabouts) over several years and that only two of those stops were checks for tax and insurance. In other words, the Police had Mr.Lawrence’s permission to stop him on two out of 25 occasions!
We find it unbelievable that Police would deliberately target Mr.Lawrence because the Lawrence family are quick to drag them in to court if the police need a reminder that , in dealing with Doreen and Co, they are actually dealing with the Royal Family of the Race Relations lobby and are therefore, untouchable and must in no wise be inconvenienced by delays caused by Police doing what they are paid to do, namely, enforce law and order ( and that includes laws pertaining to motoring.)

So we are to believe that the Police have stopped Mr.Lawrence 23 times simply  because he is black and they want to harrass him, knowing the likely reaction of a Lawrence family member to such “harrassment?”
The Lawrence family, for all their accusations of “racism” against the Police appear to be racist themselves because they are obviously anti-white but that won’t concern the Race Relations lobby because being anti-white is an acceptable racist attitude, after all, aren’t whites responsible for everything that is wrong in society?

Incidentally, the MacPherson Inquiry into the Metropolitan Police and their handling of the Stephen Lawrence case stated the following,
“no such evidence is before us that the Metropolitan Police Service are racist. Indeed the contrary is true” and “we have not heard evidence of overt racism or discrimination.”

The Lawrences have become famous and wealthy in their hounding of the police and still they are not satisfied, as evidenced by this latest “racism” complaint, this time from Stuart Lawrence.

The families of white murder victims have not had the media attention that was (and is) lavished on this one family.

What of the horrific murder of 15 year old Kriss Donald in Glasgow in 2004? His murder was far more brutal and savage than the murder of Stephen Lawrence (although murder is murder and all are appalling.) Young Kriss was abducted in broad daylight by a racist Asian gang and he was later stabbed multiple times and set on fire. Yet how many people remember the name of Kriss Donald today?

Doreen Lawrence would be better occupied speaking out about the murders of whites by blacks and Asians, or is it possible she cannot see racism in any other case than her own (admittedly tragic) ?

22 thoughts on “Another Lawrence plays the “race card!”

    • Hermione, you are also playing the race card by attacking any truthteller who dares to “tell it like it is” and labelling such as “racist.” You are a very rude woman and we only printed your vile comment so people could see how intolerant your “tolerance” is i.e. you have no tolerance for anyone who deviates from the PC line (lie.) Can you not think for yourself woman, instead of spewing out the predictable script of those who are allowing others to do their thinking for them. Have you any compassion for tragic Kriss Donald, the 15 year old Scottish boy murdered by racist Asian thugs or (in the world you inhabit,) does racist only apply in killings where blacks or Asians are killed by whites?

    • Where is the evidence for your accusation, Mr.White? What about the killers of young Kriss Donald, they were out hunting for a white man in order to kill him. What does that make them? What about the murders of white farmers in South Africa who are murdered by blacks precisely because they are white. What does that make those black killers? By the way, take the time to google about Kriss Donald’s murder and the murder of the Potgieter family in South Africa to see anti-white racism taken to devilish conclusion. You are the racist, Mr. Phillip White because you are anti-white. We, on the other hand, are concerned about the murders of any person and every person. In one of our earlier posts, we praised the courage of a black Councillor and his two sons who were murdered in South Africa by fellow blacks.

  1. It is not what you have directly written it is the sentiment behind it. You also defamed a black woman from Fiji for falling pregnant and giving birth while on active service. You are a racist, most white evangelistic christians are and I DO know that you are white.

    • Phillip,
      So now you are a mind-reader and you tell what sentiment is behind a writing? Talk about judgmental!

      How does one “defame” a person by describing what happened. I did not see the post about the woman who was pregnant in Fiji, but I believe women have no business in the military to begin with, and getting pregnant while being an active duty member makes her unavailable for duty. Was that the complaint? If it was, would it matter what the skin color was?

      You have made a very, very serious charge by saying “most white evangelistic christians” are racist. I have never met one in my entire 39 years of being a “white evangelistic Christian.” You have written libel – a huge bald-faced lie.

      It appears that you, Mr. White, are anti-Christian. Or is it just anti-white Christian? That would make you a racist.

  2. I have forwarded this article to the Stephen Lawrence Foundation for their perusal. You are a disgraceful individual and you claim to be a christian?
    “The Lawrences have become famous and wealthy in their hounding of the police” which are your own words here which you must prove.
    I hope they take action against you for making such libellous accusations against that family.

  3. Facebook this article to the Stephen Lawrence Foundation Phillip, I have done so. Susan, you have stooped too low this time. And you have not commented either that there is evidence that Savita Halapannavar actually DID ask for intervention in her failing pregnancy which must really bother you. You hypocrite.

    • Mr. Jones, where is the evidence of hypocrisy on my part? My posts about the Savita case were carefully researched and I did not know about this recent development about leaked medical information about a request for a termination until you informed/accused me last night. According to the Irish Times of 18.1.13. it appears that Mrs.Halappanavar did request a termination. In one of my previous posts, I quoted Kitty Holland who admitted that Mr. Halappanavar’s version of events was a bit muddled and that she wasn’t even sure there had been a request for a termination.
      Now, Mr.Jimmy Jones, how does posting that info on our blog make me a hypocrite? I suggest you read our posts about the befuddled journalist and a backtracking Praveen Halappanavar (key in befuddled journalist and a second post about a backtracking Praveen Halappanavar) Did you know that the India Times newspaper of 14.11.12 had as its headline, “Ireland Murders Pregnant Indian Dentist.” Care to comment, Mr.Jones, on that outrageous headline?

  4. “It appears that you, Mr. White, are anti-Christian. Or is it just anti-white Christian? That would make you a racist.”
    You are a bigot G Chatfield, you have shown yourself to be time and again here having viewed your replies, your redneck american bible-belt mindset is pulled so tight around your waist you cannot breathe without condemning one group, individual or another here on this site. The writer of the disgraceful article here is a racist, they also had no business writing about the birth of that Fijian woman’s baby as it was none of their business, nothing to do with them, not even newsworthy and they chose to write in derogatory terms about a woman they do not even know and make snide allegations about her lifestyle, morals and character. Lofty, sanctimonious attitudes from lofty, sanctimonious people who only can because they have a free and undisciplined platform from which to launch unsubstantiated bile on people who are unaware they are being defamed. I am only glad that this rot that you post here is not going unchallenged even if only by a few.

    • Phillip,
      And the evidence that I am a “bigot” is what? Because you disagree with proper morality?

      You sit there sanctimoniously calling others “sanctimonious.” You sit there loftily calling others “lofty” in their attitudes. You sit there derogatorily writing about people be “derogatory.” You sit there condemning people on this site as being “condemning.”

      For all your hypocritical ad hominem attacks, you’ve never bothered to address the actual arguments made, other than to say you don’t like them.

  5. ” we praised the courage of a black Councillor and his two sons who were murdered in South Africa by fellow blacks.”

    ‘by fellow BLACKS’ my, what a charming way with words you do have.

    • Mr.White,

      The Lawrences made much of the fact that their son was black but you have nothing to say about that and, by the way, how would you describe the skin colour of the people who killed the courageous black councillor and his two sons?

      • I would describe them as people, not as a colour you bigoted, racist harridans. You are revealing yourself as a very ugly person/s. I have sent a copy of this article to the Stephen Lawrence Foundation and trust they will take issue with what you have written here. And I think they will.


    The son of Bill True (white family) who closed down 6th Thanet Gun range 1995 against wishes of Chief constable. An abuse of process action two years ago told an astounded court how Justin true had been stopped and issued HORT1 document producer forms up to and including 80 times a year for 15 years. During that 15 years about six malicious prosecutions were thrown out on directions of Crown Court judges.

    That which is an “Ordeal” for the Lawrences would be trivial to a persecuted white family.

    At one stage the Police mocked the white family “If you were black we couldn’t get away with this”

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