Ardhowen Theatre pushes boundaries of decency (again!)

The  Ardhowen Theatre in picturesque Enniskillen, Co.Fermanagh, is an “avant-garde” establishment determined to corrupt public morals.
Next month, it is staging a play containing public nudity entitled “Calendar Girls.” This is not the first objectionable theatrical piece to be performed within its walls. In recent times, the Ardhowen has staged two utterly vile plays, one was entitled, “Cooking with Elvis” and the other, the Vulgar Monologues (we have replaced the actual objectionable middle word of the V  Monologues with the word “vulgar.”)

We contacted the theatre and Fermanagh District Council to urge them to cancel these plays but all to no avail, and now, they are planning another!
This forthcoming “play” will apparently benefit a local charity by way of a donation. So that which is obscene is to be welcomed and supported because a charity will be a beneficiary!!
Charities do not need “dirty money” from dirty plays.

Is it possible, is it just possible, that the Ardhowen Theatre are deliberately causing offence with the intention of desensitising the public to that which is offensive, by portraying it as “art” and by bombarding the theatre-going public with indecent, pornographic productions, in a concerted effort to make the public think of  filthy, corrupting material as “challenging,” (now there’s a word that covers a multitude of sins!)

When an individual speaks out publicly against the corruption of public morals, the oft-repeated line is,  “have you seen/read it?” The questioner is saying that no-one can complain about a play or book etc unless he/she has seen it or read it. To which we reply, “one does not have to eat a whole apple to know it is rotten!”

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