Suicidal pregnant women?!! 99.5% of abortions in England and Wales (between 1968-2011) were carried out for social reasons!

David Alton, a pro-life campaigner, stated that “…figures reveal that in 99.5% of the cases where an unborn child’s life is ended, there is no risk to the health of the mother.” (end of quote)
There has been 6.4 million abortions in England and Wales in the time period 1968-2011.
Many women are having repeat abortions and some are having multiple abortions.
In 2011, 68,105 women having an abortion had already had at least one termination (up from 64,303 in 2010.) The figures include 82 under-16’s having their second abortion and two having their third.
76 women had had at least seven previous abortions.
Ann Furedi of British Pregnancy Advisory Services (BPAS) had this to say, “There is no “right” number of abortions, above and beyond ensuring that every woman who needs to end an unwanted pregnancy can do so, and that obstacles are not put in the way of her accessing supportive services as quickly as possible.”
Tracey McNeill of Marie Stopes International said (before she came to Belfast  to work with “dark” Dawn (Purvis) ), ” We, of course recognise that many women have multiple unwanted or unplanned pregnancies for reasons beyond their control and it goes without saying that we believe women should have the same access to non-judgmental, high quality care whether it is their first abortion or their third.”

In the USA, their fellow-travellers on the road to destruction, Planned Parenthood performed 333,964 abortions in the fiscal year 2011 (in its affiliated clinics.) PP received 542.4 million dollars in Government health service grants and reimbursements. The total assets of Planned Parenthood top one billion dollars, specifically 1,244.7 billion dollars!

The President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Cecile Richards and Cecilia Boone, Chairwoman of the organisation said,

“We are so proud of the years many successes…..”

This tells us all we need to know!

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