Update on Two “Daddies”

It appears that reports that Elton John and David Furnish had become “fathers” for the second time was false. Mail Online reported the story of “fatherhood” the second time around for the pair, but it seems it was first published in the New York Post on Thursday.

Elton John’s spokesman told Mail Online, “Reports that Elton and David have had a second child are false.”

We apologise for unknowingly posting a false report.
However, the points we made about a second child hold true for the first child. It is a biological impossibility for two men to have a child together and no man will ever be another man’s “husband.”
Elton John and David Furnish tampered with nature and embarked on a social engineering experiment in order for them to become “fathers.”
Their lifestyle and behaviour exhibits willful and rebellious defiance of God’s natural order and, spiritually speaking, there will be a terrible price to pay unless they repent and forsake it.

3 thoughts on “Update on Two “Daddies”

  1. Hate to tell you this but in many places a man is another man’s husband. The fact that you say “no man will ever be another man’s “husband.”” is actually a lie.

  2. Its perfectly normal to go to a sperm bank and buy sperm and then inseminate. Itse perfectly normal for a same-sex male couple to provide sperm to same-sex female couple and share custody of the child, its perfectly normal to adopt the hundreds of kids stuck in orphanges around the world, often abandoned by their straight parents, often there because straight family are also abusers…. wkae up to the real world…

    • What you have described, Melanie,is an example of the abnormal society in which we live. You would persuade people to think of black as white and good as evil and evil as good and the grossly abnormal as normal and lies as truth.You are turning things upside down. By the way, no-one has the right to have a child. In our own case, we were blessed with one child only. We married relatively late in life, I in my late 30’s and my husband in his late 40’s and God saw fit to give us one child only. We would have liked a second child as life can be lonely for an only child but we accepted God’s will on the matter and never dreamed of resorting to artificial methods to have another child. We consider ourselves blessed to have a child when many married, heterosexual couples have no children.

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